2023 premiere dates for new and returning series on broadcast, cable and streaming (2023)

Check back for the latest news... Here's Deadline's annual list of new and returning TV premiere dates. So far, the list covers more than 800 broadcast, cable and streaming shows premiering after 2023. This includes series and season premieres, shows returning from hiatus, and some one-off events, such as live sporting events and award shows, but excludes movies. Note that an earlier premiere date of 2023 is listed at the bottom.

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We will update this post daily as more dates are announced. Please send any additions or adjustments to erikpedersen@deadline.com.

25. Major:
Fuba(Netflix, new action comedy series)
kardashian family(Hulu, season 3)
Rubicon(Roku Channel, New Documentary Series)
dinosaur pop(Peacock Kid, new children's animated series)
ride in the dark(Viaplay, season 1 of the Swedish series; U.S. premiere)

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26. Major:
run the world(Starz, season 2)
100 Days Dream Home(HGTV, Season 4)

28. Major:
killer relationship with faith jenkins(Oxygen, season 2)


29. Major:
to rise(continuous wave, Season 1 of the UK series; US Premiere)
baron(The CW, Australian series season 1; U.S. premiere)
The Curious Case of Natalia Grace(ID, new documentary miniseries)
motel rescue(Magnolia Network, new documentary series)
America's Hidden History(Smithsonian Channel, new documentary series)

30. Major:
America's Got Talent(NBC, season 18)
Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge(NBC, new race series)
i think you should go with tim robinson(Netflix, season 3)
Double with Derricos(TLC, Season 4)
True Murders in Orange County(Oxygen, season 3)
30 for 30: American Gladiator Documentary(ESPN, documentary miniseries)
Negotiate the villa(Magnolia Network, Season 5)

31. Major:
Nancy Drew(The CW, season 4; final season)
take me to dinner(Hulu, new race series)
ghost adventure(Discovery, season 27)
ultimate warrior(ESPN, Season 31)

June 1:
iCarly(Paramount+, season 3)
LEGO NINJAGO: Rise of the Dragon(Netflix, new animated series)
those days(Netflix, new Japanese drama series)
dead file(Travel Channel, Season 15)

June 2:
best @Home video(cbs, season 4)
appear(Netflix, Season 4B; previous season)
with love(Prime Video, Season 2)
looking for soul food(Hulu, season 2)
space queen(Paramount+, season 2; starts March 31)
love forever(Paramount+, new competition series)
draw with john(HBO, season 3)
planting florets(Magnolia Network, Season 2)

June 3rd:
show your age(Bounce, Season 1B)

4. June:
Idol(HBO, series)
Joe Pickett(Paramount+, season 2)
Lazarus Project(TNT, meow drama)
90 Day Fiancé: 90 days ago(TLC, Season 6)
fight on the beach(HGTV, Season 4)
Magnolia(Magnolia Network, Season 7)
the eric andre show(Adult Swim, Season 6)

June 5th:
american ninja warrior(NBC, season 15)
stars on mars(fox, new race series)
Age of Influence(Hulu, new documentary series)
cruel summer(Freeform, Season 2)

June 6th:
burden of proof(Netflix, new documentary miniseries)
Beyond Skinwalker Ranch(history, new document series)

June 7th:
Arnold(Netflix, new limited documentary series)
It's always sunny in Philadelphia(FXX, Season 16)
real housewives of orange county(Bravo, Season 17)
Secrets and Sisterhood: Sozahdahs(Hulu, new documentary series)

8. June:
based on a true story(Peacock Episode)
Allen(History, Season 10)

9. June:
Super fans(CBS, new unscripted series)
crowded room(Apple TV+, new limited series)
snoopy show(Apple TV+, Season 3)
human Resources(Netflix, season 2; previous season)
bloodhound(Netflix, new Korean drama series)
texas mexican engine(Netflix, new docu-series)
the evidence is there(Story, Season 3B)
court justice(Amazon Freevee, New Daily Court Series)
historical man(Dekkoo, new document series)

June 10th:
move forward(HGTV, Season 2)
monotonous new york(Oxygen, season 2)

June 11th:
76th Annual Tony Awards(CBS, live awards special)
this food that builds america(History, Season 4B)
baby duck(Fox Country, Season 2)

June 12:
Hey Yahoo!(Game Show Network,ny gameshow-serie)

June 13th:
Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta(MTV, season 11; begins May 2; new network)
Why on earth am I buying this house?(HGTV, new documentary series)

June 14th:
miracle years(abc, Season 2)
Our Planet II(Netflix, new documentary series)
light pig six heroes(Disney+, new limited series)
temptation island(US Network, Season 8)
Big D(USA Net, new competition series)
red minute display(TLC, Season 4)
small town potential(HGTV, new documentary series)

15. June:
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds(Paramount+, season 2)
brush america(Max, new race series)
Project Runway All Stars(well done, new race series)
60 days(ER, Season 8)
Reservation: Day 1(A&E, new documentary series)
takeout(Food Network, Season 2)
look into my eyes(Sundance Television, new documentary miniseries)
Peckham Portfolio(Dekkoo, new comedy series)

16. June:
50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards(CBS, live awards special)
Outlander(Starz, Season 7A)
Morimoto's Sushi Master(Roku Channel, new competition series)
cabin chronicles(Magnolia Network, Season 3)

June 17th:
AEW: Collision(Max, ny wrestling-serie)
Extraordinary Birdwatcher with Christian Cooper(Night Geo Wild, new documentary series)

18. June:
The Walking Dead: Dead City(AMC, series)
gem of justice(HBO, season 3)
effort(PBS, Season 9; previous season)
Food Truck Contest: David and Goliath(Food Network season 16)
beach fight(Food Network, Season 2)

19. June:
not quite a narwhal(Netflix, new animated series for kids)
Black Pop: Celebrating the Power of Black Culture(E!, new documentary miniseries)
great american cookbook(PBS, Season 2)

June 21st:
Los Angeles Fire and Rescue(NBC, series)
breakpoint(Netflix, Season 1B)

June 22nd:
Bear(Hulu, season 2)
that's all……(Max, season 2)
Donnie's dream car(Max, new document series)
glamorous(Netflix, series)
let's get a divorce(Netflix, series)
skull island(Netflix, new animated series)
Trippin' with Anthony Anderson 和 Mama Doris(E!, new docuseries)

23. June:
i am a virgin(Prime Video, new comedy series)
swagger(Apple TV+, Season 2)
catch the murderer(Netflix, season 3)

June 24th:
Love and Marriage: Detroit(EGN, new series without script)

June 26th:
Ungkarlen(ABC, Season 20)
claim to fame(ABC, Season 2)
cannes confidential(Acorn TV, series)

June 28th:
jump(Apple TV+, series)
Muscle and Chaos: The Unauthorized History of the American Gladiator(Netflix, new documentary miniseries)
adult(Freeform, Season 6A; previous season)

29. June:
hunt(ABC, Season 3)
generation gap(ABC, Season 2)
that wizard(Netflix, season 3)
warrior(Max, Season 3)
secret chef(Hulu, new race series)
Christina by the Sea(HGTV, Season 4B)

June 30th:
Tom Clancys Jack Lane(Prime Video, Season 4; previous season)

June TBD:
black mirror(Netflix, season 6)
Untitled The Kaitlan Collins Show(CNN, New Evening News/Opinion Series)

July 5th:
human footprint(PBS, documentary series)

July 6th:
barnwood builders(Magnolia Network, Season 17)

July 7:
The Horror of Dolores Roach(Prime Video, series)

July 8th:
i never(Netflix, season 4; previous season)
VC Andrews(One Life, new limited series)
go home(Magnolia Network, Season 2)

July 9th:
celebrity family feud(ABC, Season 10)
prank panel(ABC, New York Mischief Series)
Domina(MGM+, series)
Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake(Bravo, new unscripted series)
best week(A&E, new documentary series)
A Delicious Twist on a Classic(A&E, new documentary series)

July 10:
Ashley Madison Project(Hulu, new limited documentary series)
barbecue brawl(Food Network Season 4)
american barbecue(Food Network, Season 2)

July 11th:
2023 MLB All-Star Game(Fox, Live Sports Special)

July 12th:
after party(Apple TV+, Season 2; starts April 28)

July 13th:
what we do in the shadows(FX, season 5)

July 14th:
Base(Apple TV+, Season 2)
I became beautiful that summer(Apple TV+, Season 2)

July 16th:
real housewives of new york city(Bravo, Season 14)
zoe barger(Magnolia Network, Season 3)

July 18th:
Reasonable: Urban Primitive(FX, New Drama Limited Series)
America Outdoors 与 Baratunde Thurston(PBS, Season 2)
southern storyteller(PBS, documentary series)

July 20th:
Sweet Magnolia(Netflix, season 3)

July 21st:
coquettish(Starz, season 2)
Rospiti(Freeform, new animated comedy series)
make modern(Magnolia Network, Season 3

July 22:
Set up a home(Magnolia Network, Season 2)

July 24th:
fly into the future(Hulu, season 11; returns after 10 years)

July 28th:
Secret Celebrity Renovation(CBS, Season 3)
good sign(Prime Video, Season 2)
this is how you do it with john wilson(HBO, season 3; final season)
the fool(Hulu, season 2)

July 30th:
beware call(Hallmark Channel, Season 10)

July TBD:
dark wind(AMC, Season 2)
sort popup(E!, new docuseries)

2. August:
elder brother(CBS, Season 25)
physical(Apple TV+, Season 3; previous season)
Book Shunde(FX, season 3)

3. August:
cardiac arrest device(Netflix, season 2)

6. August:
worst chef in america(Food Network, Season 26)
australian design(Magnolia Network, new documentary series)
Big Sky Kitchen(Magnolia Network, Season 2)

8. August:
there are only murders in the building(Hulu, season 3)

9. August:
Super fans(CBS, ny gameshow-serie)

August 10:
Challenge: United States(CBS, season 2)
pain reliever(Netflix, new limited series)

August 20th:
king of winter(MGM+, series)

August 30th:
shooter(FXX, season 14; previous season)

1. September:
wheel of time(Prime Video, Season 2)
Book of Power IV: The Force(Starz, season 2)
design definition(Magnolia Network, new documentary series)

7. September:
nfl kickoff game(NBC, Live Sports)

September 10th:
sunday night football(NBC, season 37)

September 11th:
monday night football(ESPN, Season 54)

September 12:
2023 MTV Video Music Awards(MTV, live awards special)

September 14th:
thursday night football(Prime Video, Season 18)

September TBA:
The Continent: From the World of John Wick(Peacock, drama miniseries)
Love is blind(Netflix, season 5)
top boy(Netflix, season 3; previous season)
another black girl(Hulu, new comedy series)
damelio show(Hulu, season 3)

October 5th:
lupine(Netflix, Season 1C)

6. October:
Locke(Disney+, season 2)

2. November:
all the light we can't see(Netflix, new limited series)

November 8th:
57. CMA Awards(ABC, Live Awards Special)

November 29th:
echo(Disney+, series)

November TBA:
yellowstone park(Paramount Network, Season 5B)
doctor who(Disney+, season 15)
Squid Game: Challenge(Netflix, new competition series)
Fixer Upper: Hotel(Magnolia Network/Max, new documentary series)

Summer TBD:
moonlight(The CW, season 2 of the Canadian comedy series; U.S. premiere)
Collide(The CW, Australian series season 2; U.S. premiere)
House rules(The CW, season 2 of the Canadian comedy series; U.S. premiere)
Biggest Geek Year Ever: 1982(CW, new docuseries)
recipe for disaster(The CW, new race series)
Fantastic Chocolate Showdown(The CW, season 2)
American Horror Story(FX, season 12)
quarterback(Netflix, new docu-series)
double love(Prime Video/Freevee, new competition series)
Caught On The Spot: Infidelity(MTV, Season 2; New Network)
essential time(OWN, New Documentation Series)
ugliest house in america(HGTV, Season 4)
Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge(HGTV, new race series)
my adventure with superman(Adult Swim, new animated short series)

Autumn to be determined:
9-1-1(ABC, season 7; New Network)
Abbott Elementary School(ABC, Season 3)
celebrity family feud(ABC, Season 9)
claim to fame(ABC, season)
good doctor(ABC, Season 7)
gray anatomy
(ABC, Season 20)
(ABC, Season 40)
according to your luck
(ABC, season 5; begins June 29)
20/20(ABC, Season 46)
rookie(ABC, Season 6)
Station 19
(ABC, Season 7)
The wheel of fate(ABC, Season 41)
t (ABC, season 2)
America's Funniest Home Videos(ABC, Season 34)
American idol(ABC, Season 7)
Ungkarlen(ABC, Season 28)
dancing with the stars(ABC, season 32; New Network)
golden bachelor(ABC, new competition series)
celebrity wheel of fortune(ABC, Season 4)
The $100,000 Pyramid(ABC, season 6; begins July 9)
Celebrity Crisis!(ABC, Season 2)
bachelor heaven(ABC, Season 9)
Judge Steve Harvey(ABC, Season 3)
what would you do?(ABC, season 16; returns after three years)
conner family(ABC, Season 6)
not dead yet(ABC, Season 2)
shark tank(ABC, Season 15)
high potential(ABC, series)
community(CBS, Season 6)
bob ♥ seriously(CBS, Season 5)
NCIS(CBS, Season 21)
NCIS: Hawaii(CBS, Season 3)
FBI(CBS, Season 6)
FBI: International(CBS, Season 3)
FBI: Most Wanted(CBS, Season 5)
survivor(CBS, Season 44)
amazing game(CBS, Season 35)
young sheldon(CBS, season6)
ghost(CBS, season 2)
so help me todd(CBS, series)
Elsbeth(CBS, series)
beat.(CBS, Season 7)
desert island(CBS, season 2)
noble(CBS, Season 14)
CSI: Vegas(CBS, Season 3)
desert island(CBS, season 2)
jargon(CBS, season 2)
48 timers(CBS, Season 36)
60 minutes(CBS, Season 55)
Matlock(CBS, series)
balanced(CBS, Season 4)
vote(NBC, season 24)
irrational(NBC, series)
scratch(NBC, season 2)
big family(NBC, new comedy series)
how elastic(NBC, season 2)
chicago medicine(NBC, season 9)
chicago brand(NBC, season 12)
chicago police department(NBC, season 11)
law and order(NBC, season 23)
Law & Order: SVU(NBC, season 25)
Lopez vs. Lopez(NBC, season 2)
set up(NBC, new series; begins Feb. 19)
wall(NBC, season four)
Date NBC(NBC, season 32)
masked singer(Fox, season 8)
defendant(Fox, season 2)
Warning: Missing Persons Unit(Fox, season 2)
animal control(Fox, season 2)
next level chef(Fox, season 2)
9-1-1: Lone Star(Fox, season 5)
cleaning lady(Fox, season 3)
although(Fox, serial)
Rescue: HI-Surf(Fox, serial)
family man(Fox, season 22)
The Simpsons(Fox, season 35)
Bob's Burgers(Fox, season 14)
great north(Fox, season 4)
grimsburg(Fox, season 2)
Krapolis(Fox, new animated comedy series)
that '90s show(Fox, season 2)
farmer wants a wife(Fox, season 2)
that '90s show(Fox, season 2)
kitchen nightmares (Fox, season 8; returns after nine years)
hell's kitchen(Fox, season 22)
name the melody(Fox, season 3)
lego master(Fox, season 3)
LEGO Masters: Celebrity Holiday Builds(Fox, season 2)
Special Forces: The world's toughest test(Fox, season 2)
hose oil(Fox, ny gameshow-serie)
we are family(Fox, ny gameshow-serie)
all american(The CW, season 6)
son of a madman(The CW, season 1 of the Canadian comedy series; U.S. premiere)
run burbs(The CW, season 2 of the Canadian comedy series; U.S. premiere)
kids destroy everything(The CW, season 3)
everyone else is burning(Season 1 of British comedy series; U.S. premiere)
sullivan crossing(The CW, season 1 of the Canadian series; U.S. premiere)
sister spencer(The CW, season 1 of the Canadian series; U.S. premiere)
f boys island(The CW, Season 3; New Network)
maiden island(The CW, new race series)
Penn and Teller: Fooling Us(The CW, season 10)
Is it okay to do it?(The CW, season 13)
magic master(The CW, season 10)
funniest animals in the world(The CW, season 4)
virgin river(Netflix, season 5)
zombie house flip(ER, Season 6)
Concharie(CNN, New Primetime Debate Show)
Untitled Selena Gomez Holiday Collection(Food Network, New Cooking Series)
Elf on the Shelf: Sweet Showdown(Food Network, new competition series; working title)
Defeat Bobby Flay: Holiday Showdown(Food Network, Season 2)
Christmas Cookie Challenge(Food Network, Season 7)
Holiday Baking Championships(Food Network, Season 10)
holiday wars(Food Network, Season 5)
snap up(Oxygen, season 31)
I'm surprised(Oxygen, new document series; working title)
true murders in los angeles(Oxygen, new document series; working title)
Texas Judge Kelly Siegler(Oxygen, new document series; working title)
Cartoon Loonuniversity(Cartoon Network/Max, new animated comedy series)
house of villains(E!, new race series)
toya and regina(AllBlk, new unscripted series)
Mathis Court and Judge Mathis(Syndicate, New Court Series)

TBA in 2023:
beat your enthusiasm(HBO, season 12)
True Detective: Kingdom of the Night(HBO, season 4)
doom patrol(Max, Season 4B; previous season)
full circle(Max, new limited series)
love and translation(Max, new unscripted series)
crown(Netflix, season 6; previous season)
Big mouth(Netflix, season 7)
glamorous(Netflix, series)
Ripley(Netflix, series)
piece(Netflix, anime series)
Gamala: Rebirth(Netflix, anime series)
pokemon watcher(Netflix, anime series)
beware big grrrls(Prime Video, Season 2)
invincible(Prime Video, Season 2)
external extension(Prime Video, Season 2)
power(Prime Video, series)
fifth generation(Prime Video, series)
trip(Prime Video, new unscripted series)
Shiny and Happy: Secrets of the Duggar Family(Prime Video, new unscripted series)
007's Road to Millions(Prime Video, new race series)
3 physical problems(Netflix, series)
lady in the lake(Apple TV+, new limited series)
last thing he told me(Apple TV+, new limited series)
chemistry class(Apple TV+, series)
air master(Apple TV+, new limited series)
for all mankind(Apple TV+, Season 4)
Star Wars: The Skeleton Crew(Disney+, series)
Cole(Disney+, new documentary series)
Special Operations: Lioness(Paramount+, series)
turkish detective(Paramount+, series)
zealot(Hulu, season 3)
little beautiful things(Hulu, serials)
below deck(Peacock, season 2)
heart to heart(Peacock, season 3)
love island(Peacock, season 5)
twisted metal(Peacock, new comedy series)
kill it(Peacock, season 2)
critical point(Peacock/MSNBC, new documentary series)
Belgravia: The Next Chapterr (MGM+, serials)
three women(Starz, series)
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon(AMC, series)
Orphan Black: Echo(AMC, series)
parish(AMC, series)
damascus(AMC, new comedy series)
invitation to campfire(AMC, series)
withdrawal(FX, New Drama Limited Series)
the general(FX, New Drama Limited Series)
sterling affairs(FX, New Drama Limited Series)
Miracle Workers: Doom(TBS, season 4; begins Jan. 16)
dice(TBS, season 2; begins Jan. 8)
Lazarus Project(TNT, UK series season 1; US ​​premiere; begins Jan. 23)
real housewives of miami(Bravo, Season 6; New Network)
below deck(Bravo, Season 2)
Bamijiton(US Network, Season 2)
Untitled Social Experiment by Studio Lambert(US Network, new unscripted series)
Chachi(Syfy, season 2)
reginald vampire(Syfy, season 2)
Resident foreigners(Syfy, season 2)
surreal property(Syfy, season 2)
ark(Syfy, season 2)
The Silo Bake-Off(Magnolia Network, Season 2)
Kevin Hearts Muscle Car Crew(The Roku Channel, Season 2; New Network)
fight for survival(Roku Channel, new competition series)
reptile royalty(Roku Channel, new unscripted series)
ufo cowboy(Roku Channel, new unscripted series)
diarra from detroit(BET+, new comedy series)
abandoned(E!, Season 8)
beach fight(Food Network, Season 3)
the first mindhunter(Oxygen, new document series)
Pike County Murder(Oxygen, new document series; working title)
deadly family feud(Oxygen, new document series; working title)
last moment(Oxygen, season 2)
monotonous holiday(Oxygen, season 2)
Pelotaris 1926(Vix+, new Spanish-language episodes)
For the love of DILF(OutTV, new competition series)

Premiere 2023 to present:

January 1:
The Simpsons(Fox, Season 34B)
kaleidoscope(Netflix, series; fka Jigsaw)
Paul Goldman(Peacock, new comedy series)
Worst Chef in America: Going ViralFeel(Food Network/Discovery+, new documentary series)
ugliest house in america(HGTV, Season 3)

January 2nd:
America's Got Talent: All Stars(NBC, new race series)
how elastic(NBC, Season 1B)
(Fox, season 3)
NHL Winter Classic(TNT, Live Sports)

January 3rd:
rookie(ABC, Season 5B; New Night)
Rookie: FBI(ABC, Season 1B
Trent(ABC, series)
FBI(CBS, Season 5B)
FBI: International(CBS, Season 2B)
FBI: Most Wanted(CBS, Season 4B)
amsterdam(NBC, season 5B; previous season)
Home(Fox, season 6B)
working mother(Netflix, season 7; previous season)
sometimes when we touch(Paramount+, new documentary series)
find your roots(PBS, Season 9)

January 4th:
Abbott Elementary School(ABC, Season 2B)
family economy(ABC, Season 3B)
Big Sky: Deadly Footsteps(ABC, Season 3B)
hard as nails(CBS, Season 4)
good price at night(CBS, a primetime episode of the game show series)
chicago medicine(NBC, Season 8B)
chicago brand(NBC, Season 11B)
chicago police department(NBC, Season 10B)
Special Forces: The world's toughest test(Fox, new competition series)
Star Wars: The Bad Batch(Disney+, season 2; begins Sept. 28)
adult life of lies(Netflix, new limited series)
Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street(Netflix, new docu-series)
1000 lb best friend(TLC, season 2)
Tomo-chan is a girl(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
Bungo Stray Dogs(Crunchyroll, season 4)

January 5th:
Celebrity Crisis!(ABC, Season 1B)
hunt(ABC, Season 2)
young sheldon(CBS, Season 6B)
ghost(CBS, Season 2B)
so help me todd(CBS, Season 1B)
CSI: Vegas(CBS, Season 2B)

law and order(NBC, Season 22B)
Law & Order: SVU(NBC, Season 24B)
Law & Order: Organized Crime(NBC, Season 3B)
Hell's Kitchen: Battle of the Century(Fox, season 21B)
Welcome to Flatch(Fox, season 2B)
call me cat(Fox, season 3B)
copenhagen denim(Netflix, series)
ginny and georgia(Netflix, season 2)
BMF(Starz, season 2)
redneck(Story, Season 14)
Swamp People: Invasion of Vipers(History, Season 3)
battle robot(Discovery, season 8)
second appearance(PBS, Season 2)
growing up hip hop(WEtv, Season 7)
cold x wind(WEtv, serial drama)
Christine(themes, new episodes)

January 6th:
shark tank(ABC, Season 15)
beat.(CBS, Season 6B)
noble(CBS, Season 13B)
Lopez vs. Lopez(NBC, Season 1B)
Weng Yan(NBC, Season 3B)
Date NBC(NBC, Season 31B)
drill rig(Prime Video, series)
Who's talking to Chris Wallace?(HBO Max, season 2)
RuPaul's Drag Race(MTV, season 15)
boy in blue(Showtime, new documentary series)
ancient aliens(Story, Season 18B)
wait for good luck(Own, Season 7)
all single ladies(EGN, new series without script)
florida murder(Oxygen, new document series)
devil woman(Vix+, season 3)

January 7th:
triangle stepping(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
Nier: Automata Ver1.1a(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
Misfits at Demon King Academy(Crunchyroll, season 2)
Don't play with me, Miss Nagatoro(Crunchyroll, season 2)

January 8th:
Bob's Burgers(Fox, season 13B)
family man(Fox, season 21B)
East New York(CBS, Season 1B)
NCIS: Los Angeles(CBS, Season 14B)
alarm(Fox, serial)
Anne Rice's Mayfair-hekse(AMC, series)
miss scarlett and the duke(PBS, Season 3)
all creatures, big and small(PBS, Season 3)
wiener blood(PBS, Season 3)
Giuliani: What happened to the mayor of the United States?(CNN, documentary series)
air crash(Smithsonian Channel, Season 18B)
alaska ice airport(Smithsonian Channel, Season 3)
year on earth(Fox Nation, new documentary series)

January 9th:
NCIS(CBS, Season 20B; crossover event, beginning Jan. 2)
NCIS: Hawaii(CBS, season 2B; crossover event, beginning Jan. 2)
NCIS: Los Angeles(CBS, season 14B; crossover event, beginning Jan. 2)
koala eat(Hulu, new animated comedy series)
The Legend of Vinland(Crunchyroll, season 2)
vampires die soon(Crunchyroll, season 2)
Reborn as a Sword: From Hero King to Extraordinary Squire(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
Evil Spirit: Story(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
Ayakashi Trekant(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
wipe the glass(Univision, series)
think tank(GSN, Season 3)

January 10th:
80. Golden Globes(NBC, live awards special)
vampires die soon(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
Ningen Fushin: An adventurer who doesn't believe in humans will save the world(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)

January 11th:
conner family(ABC, Season 5B)
goldbergs(ABC, season 10B; previous season)
jargon(CBS, ny gameshow-serie)
celebrity name song(Fox, season 3B)
sexualized(Netflix, season 2)
chasing waves(Disney+, new competition series)
be with the old(Magnolia Network, Season 3)
Bofuri(Crunchyroll, season 2)
Keina from Daxuehai(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)
super kitty(Disney Juniors, the new animated series for kids)

January 12th:
walker(The CW, Season 3B)
Walker: Independent(The CW, Season 1B)
Vikings: Valhalla(Netflix, season 2)
Makanai:Madlavning until Maiko-huset(Netflix, new Japanese drama series)
Verma(HBO Max, new animated comedy series)
the climb(HBO Max, new competition series)
traitor(Peacock, new competition series)
market(Peacock, new children's series)
how i caught my killer(Hulu, new documentary series)
Criminal Minds: Evolution(Paramount+, Season 1B)
shared house(AllBlk, Season 5; previous season)
marry real estate(HGTV, Season 2)
country christina(HGTV, new documentary series)
dog room(Vix+, the new unscripted Spanish series)
Variety Studio: Actor to Actor(PBS SoCal, Season 17)

January 13th:
Serve(Apple TV+, Season 4; previous season)
Premier League: Football Battle(Apple TV+, new documentary miniseries)
hunter(Prime Video, Season 2; previous season)
to test(Prime Video, Season 2)
The Tidal Zone: The SpongeBob SquarePants Universe Special(Nickelodeon, new three-night crossover event)
Gold, Lies, and Videotape(Discovery, new document series)
fruit of evolution(Crunchyroll, season 2)

January 14th:
funniest animals in the world(The CW, Season 3B)
fire hunter(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)

January 15th:
28. Critics' Choice Awards(CW, live awards special)
mayor of kingston(Paramount+, season 2)
Kiyo adult(Showtime, season 2; begins December 9)
last of us(HBO, series)
godfather of harlem(MGM+, season 3)
MILF Manor(TLC, New Competition Series)
way home(Hallmark Channel, new episodes)
random action(BYUtv, Season 8)
All-around champion(BYUtv, Season 5)
survivor(BYUtv, Season 3)
YOLO: Silver Destiny(Adult Swim, Season 2)

January 16th:
community(CBS, Season 5B)
bob ♥ seriously(CBS, Season 3B)
NCIS(CBS, Season 20B)
NCIS: Hawaii(CBS, Season 2B)
next factory(HGTV, new documentary series)
glee price(ID, new documentary miniseries)

January 17th:
scratch(NBC, revival of new comedy series)
1000 lbs sisters(TLC, Season 4)

January 18th:
are you the only one(Paramount+, season 9)
adult(Freeform, Season 5)
Power Slap: Road to Championship(TBS, new docuseries; starts Jan. 11)
dirty old car(history, new document series)
cupcake guy(Roku Channel, New Documentary Series)
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Chaos in Urbanrama(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)

January 19th:
that '90s show(Netflix, new comedy series)

January 20th:
Penn and Teller: Fooling Us(The CW, season 9B)
Chris Angel and the Magic of the Stars(The CW, season 1B; begins Jan. 14)
Chat Live with Bill Maher(HBO, season 21)
Game Theory with Bomani Jones(HBO, season 2)
to be honest(Apple TV+, Season 3)
shape island(Apple TV+, new animated series for kids)
Baking Squad(Netflix, season 2)
Shining Empire: New York(Netflix, new unscripted series)
The Legend of the Vox Machina(Prime Video, Season 2)
A True Friend of WeHo(MTV, new unscripted series)
soul mate(Travel Channel/Discovery+, Season 7)
cabin chronicles(Magnolia Network/HBO Max/Discovery+, Season 3)
retro art(Magnolia Network/Discovery+, Season 3)

January 21st:
Love and Marriage: D.C.(Own, Season 2)

January 22nd:
defendant(Fox, serial)

January 23rd:
Ungkarlen(ABC, Season 27)
good doctor(ABC, Season 6B)
all american(The CW, season 6B)
All American: Homecoming(The CW, Season 2B)
darcy and stacey(TLC, Season 4)
limit sister(TLC, season 2)
death of fame(ID, new ID series)
playboy murders(ID, new ID series)
under the vine(Acorn TV, Season 2)
Yolo: Silver Fate(Adult Swim, Season 2)

January 24th:
american car(NBC, season 2)
9-1-1 Lone Star(Fox, season 4; begins Jan. 17)
winchesters(The CW, Season 1B)
how i met your father(Hulu, season 2)
Bryant Gumbel, Dr. Real Sports Medicine(HBO, season 29)
i am jazz(TLC, Season 8)

January 25th:
Extraordinary(Hulu, new comedy series)
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion(Bravo, new unscripted miniseries)
deadly australian(Smithsonian Channel, new documentary series)

January 26th:
poker face(Peacock Episode)
1619 items(Hulu, new documentary series)
pack of wolves(Paramount+, series)
Records of Ragnarok(Netflix, season 2)
Daniel Spellbound(Netflix, season 2)
catch everything(Sundance Now, new Irish series)
niki bella said i would(E!, new unscripted miniseries)

January 27th:
shrink(Apple TV+, new comedy series)
king of joburg(Netflix, season 2)
lockwood corp.(Netflix, series)

January 28th:
Frozen Planet II(BBC America/AMC+, new documentary series; US premiere)
help! my house is haunted(Travel Channel/Discovery+, Season 4; U.S. Premiere)
Unknown reason: caught on camera(Travel Channel/Discovery+, Season 3; U.S. Premiere)

January 29th:
NFC Championship Game(Fox, Live Sports Special)
AFC Championship Game(CBS/Paramount+, Live Sports)
desert island(CBS, Season 1B)
90 Day Fiancé: Another Way(TLC, Season 4)
90 day fiancé pillow talk:another way: (TLC, Season 4)

January 30th:
princess power(Netflix, new animated series for kids)
watchful eyes(Free Form, Serial)
history's greatest mystery(History, Season 4)

January 31st:
La Brea(NBC, Season 2B)
Fighting Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World(PBS, new docuseries)

February 1:
Proud Family: Louder and Proud(Disney+, season 2)
ark(Syfy, series)
My 600-pound life(TLC, Season 11)
Are we there yet?(Yuan, Season 1B)

February 2:
Friedrich(Netflix, new comedy series)
blackport(Theme, Icelandic Drama Miniseries; U.S. Premiere)

February 3rd:
dear edward(Apple TV+, series)
Harlem(Prime Video, Season 2)
mod i big horn(Showtime, new documentary miniseries)
kids destroy everything(The Roku Channel, Season 2)
Killing County(Hulu, new documentary miniseries)
Pinekogle & Pony(Apple TV+, Season 2)
rubble and crew(Nickelodeon, new animated series for kids)

February 4th:
NHL All-Star Game(ESPN, Live Sports)

February 5th:
65. Grammy Awards(CBS, live awards special)
Murf the Surf: Jewels, Jesus, and Chaos(MGM+, new docuseries; starts Jan. 15)
1923(Paramount+, Season 1B)

February 6th:
Greatest Peyton Manning of all time(history, new document series)
silver point(BYUtv, series)

February 7th:
real housewives of new jersey(Bravo, Season 13)
The Greatest Heists of All Time Directed by Pierce Brosnan(history, new document series)
Super Chef Fighting Competition(Food Network/Discovery+, ny konkurrenceserie)

February 8th:
not dead yet(ABC, new comedy series)
a million little things(ABC, season 5; previous season)
lightning(The CW, season 9; previous season)
Kung Fu(The CW, Season 3B)
Bill Russell: The Legend(Netflix, new documentary miniseries)
South Park(Comedy Central, season 26)
van der pump rule(Bravo, Season 10)
self-made(Fuse, Season 5)
beer master(Tastemade, new competition series)

February 9th:
of(Netflix, season 4; starts Feb. 10)
my father was a bounty hunter(Netflix, new animated comedy series)
Stolen Youth: Inside a Cult Sarah Lawrence(Hulu, new documentary series)
unrealistic joke(TruTV/TBS, Season 10)
Ex on the Beach - Par(MTV, new unscripted series)

February 10:
Marvel's Moon Girl and the Demon Dinosaur(Disney Channel, new animated series for kids)
clarkson farm(Prime Video, Season 2)

February 11th:
magic master(The CW, season 9)

February 12th:
super bowl fifty-seven(Fox, Live Sports Special)
next level chef(Fox, season 2)

February 13th:
hut(Bravo, Season 7)

February 14:
Planetsex med Cara Delevingne(Hulu, new documentary series)

February 15th:
masked singer(Fox, season 9)
Wu-Tang: An American Legend(Hulu, season 3; previous season)
african queen(Netflix, new docu-series)
in full swing(Netflix, new docu-series)
power on time(AXS TV, new talk show series)

February 16th:
animal control(Fox, new comedy series)
Star Trek: Picard(Paramount+, season 3; final season)
Spiller 54: Chasing the XFL dream(ESPN+, new documentary series)

February 17th:
Carnival line(Prime Video, Season 2; previous season)
Hello Tomorrow!(Apple TV+, new comedy series)
make or break(Apple TV+, Season 2)
Emeril Cook(The Roku Channel, Season 2)

February 18th:
Sort + Iconic: The Gods of Style(BET, new documentary miniseries)
RWBY(Rooster Teeth, Season 9)

February 19th:
America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC, Season 33 B)
American idol(ABC, Season 6)
the company you keep(ABC, series)
Magnum P.I.(NBC, Season 5; New Network)
daytona 500(Fox, Live Sports Special)
NBA All-Star Game(TNT, Live Sports)
naked and scared(Discovery/Discovery+, Episode 15)
food that builds america(History, Season 4)
championship(Food Network Season 4)
real housewives of potomac reunion(Bravo, new unscripted miniseries)
When the Truth Isn't the Truth: The Rudy Giuliani Story(MSNBC, new documentary miniseries)
rock star shuffle(AXS, new documentation series)
american i sort(bet, new monthly news magazine)
Do good things(BYUtv, Season 5)

February 22:
snowfall(FX, season 6; final season)
monsoon island(Smithsonian Channel, new documentary series)

February 23rd:
Station 19(ABC, Season 6B)
gray anatomy(ABC, Season 19B)
Outer Banks(Netflix, season 3)
Bel-Air(Peacock, season 2)
Ms. Paxiu(BET+, Season 3)

February 24th:
consultant(Prime Video, series)
connect(Apple TV+, series)
Fasten(Starz, revival of new comedy series)
reluctant traveler(Apple TV+, new documentary series)
pretzels and puppies(Apple TV+, Season 2)
NHL Mashup(YouTube Originals, a new biweekly newsmagazine series)

February 26th:
blacklist(NBC, Season 10B)
29. Screen Actors Guild Awards(YouTube, live awards special)
naked rescue(Paramount Network, Season 8B)
ondetun(National Geographic Channel, Season 12)

February 28th:
my smart friend(HBO, season 3; final season)
circus(Showtime, season 8)
fbi real(Paramount+, new documentary series)
home rescue(Discovery Channel, Season 10)
Catfish: The TV Show(MTV, Season 9)
help! i am in a secret relationship(MTV, Season 2)
terrible homestay(DivaBoxOffice.tv, series)

1. Bazaar:
survivor(CBS, Season 44)
True Lies(CBS, new series; starting Feb. 23)
mandalorian(Disney+, season 3)

2. Bazaar:
alaska daily(ABC, season 1B; begins February 23)
Sex life(Netflix, season 2)
masamir county(Netflix, season 2)
as a result of(BET+, drama miniseries)

3. Bazaar:
daisy jones and the six(Prime Video, series)
next fad(Netflix, season 2)
Transformers: Earthfire(Paramount+, Season 1B)
Exhibition: Finding the Next Great Artist(MTV, new race series)

4. Bazaar:
Say yes to this dress(TLC, Season 22)
show your age(Bounce, new comedy series)

5. Bazaar:
how the universe works(Science Channel, Season 10)
SWV & Xscape: R&B Queens(Bravo, new limited documentary series)

6. Bazaar:
9-1-1(Fox, season 6B)
vote(NBC, season 23)
perry mason(HBO, season 2)
rain dog(HBO, series)
World History, Part II(Hulu, new comedy series)
rock block(HGTV, Season 4)
Spring Baking Championships(Food Network, Season 8)
Spring Baking Championships:Easter(Food Network, new competition series)
Jared fra Subway: Monster Hunt(ID, new documentary miniseries)
who is it?(Fox Station, New Game Show Series)

7. Bazaar:
this is my jam(NBC, season 2)
Who Killed Robert Wan?(Peacock, new documentary miniseries)
blood money(CNBC, new documentary series)
2023 World Baseball Classic opening game(FS1/Fox Deportes)
Icons Unearthed: Marvel Cinematic Universe(Vice Television, Season 4)
historic house(HGTV, Season 2)
art country(Smithsonian Channel, new documentary series)

8. Bazaar:
farmer wants a wife(Fox, new competition series)
Challenge: World Champion(Paramount+, new competition series)
last call(CNBC, new nightly business news series)
Confessions of Franny Langton(BritBox, New British Drama Miniseries)
loud and boosted by texas metal(MotorTrend TV, new documentary series)

9. Bazaar:
of(Netflix, Season 4B)
top boss(Bravo, Season 10)
school spirit(Paramount+, series)

10. Bazaar:
not imprisoned(Hulu, serials)
Real Madrid: Until the end(Apple TV+, new documentary series)
Sin Eater: The Crimes of Andrew Pelicano(FX, new documentary miniseries)
most dangerous game(The Roku Channel, Season 2)
Growth and Gospel(TV, new documentary series)

12. Bazaar:
95th Academy Awards(ABC, Live Awards Special)
spy among friends(MGM+, series)
Naked and Afraid: Solo(Discovery, new competition series)

13. Bazaar:
Street Gangster: America's Fastest(Discovery, season 5)
Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Prank(Fox Nation, new documentary miniseries)
follow up immediately(NBC News Now, new daily news series)
mean pigeon(ID, new ID series)
killer cheers(ID, new ID series)

14. Bazaar:
gotham knights(CW, series)
superman and louise(The CW, season 3)
back to the amish(TLC, season 14)
Auspicious help(Netflix, new comedy series)
super turbo story time(MotorTrend+, new animated series)

15. Bazaar:
Ted Lasso(Apple TV+, Season 3)

16. Bazaar:
shadows and bones(Netflix, season 2)
good question(Freeform, Season 5)
Queen's Court(Peacock, New Improv Series)

17. Bazaar:
Book of Power II: Specter(Starz, Season 3)
infer(Apple TV+, new limited series)
monster factory(Apple TV+, new documentary series)
Level 07(Netflix, series)
at 100(Netflix, new competition series)
blue master(Netflix, Greek TV Series Season 1; U.S. Premiere)
put a ring on it(Own, Season 4)
beach shack chronicles(Magnolia Network, Season 2)
The True Atlanta Murders(Oxygen, season 2)

19. Bazaar:
Lucky Hank(AMC, series)
call the midwife(PBS, season 12)
sand pass(PBS, season 3; final season)
marie antoinette(PBS, New French Series; U.S. Premiere)
with Jen Psaki in(MSNBC, new Sunday news show)

20. Bazaar:
Bougie Basics(YouTube, Season 7)

21. Bazaar:
2023 World Baseball Classic championship(FS1/Fox Deportes, Live Sports)
restaurant at the end of the world(National Geographic Channel, NYE Files Series)

22. Bazaar:
Penn House by Tyler Perry(The Bets, Season 10)
Tyler Perrys Assisted Living(bet, season 4)
war!(Comedy Central, new animated series for adults)
Kiya & Kimoja-Black Heat(Disney Junior/Disney+, new animated series for kids)

23. Bazaar:
potion(Netflix, series)
Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip(Good Job, Season 3)
lesson is murder(Hulu, new documentary series)

24. Bazaar:
succession(HBO, season 4; final season)
yellow jacket(Showtime, season 2)
Love is blind(Netflix, season 4)
up here(Hulu, new musical comedy series)
my favorite country(Apple TV+, new competition series)
Saturday(Disney Channel, new comedy series)

26. Bazaar:
burglary(Fox, season 2)
little brother(Paramount+, series)
high hopes(Hulu, new limited series)
ride(Hallmark Channel, new episodes)
man looking for brother(TLC, new unscripted series)
Eva Longoria: Finding Mexico(CNN, documentary series)
battleship(Smithsonian Channel, Season 4)

27. Bazaar:
American Dad!(TBS, Season 18)
like a girl(Fuse, new unscripted series)

28. Bazaar:
recover(Magnolia Network, Season 6)
Decoration 911(HGTV, new documentary series)
murder in my house(ID, new ID series)
murder and basketball(ID, new ID series)

29. Bazaar:
riverdale(The CW, season 7; final season)
gate price(Apple TV+, new comedy series)
AEW: Free to use(TBS, new documentary series)

30. Bazaar:
MLB Opening Day Game(ESPN/MLB Network, Live Sports)
unstable(Netflix, new comedy series)
RapCaviar gift(Hulu, new documentary series)
Primitives: A Family Tree(Peacock, season 6)
silent road(Theme, Greek Series Season 1; U.S. Premiere)
woman on earth(PBS Terra, documentary series)
battle meal(Tastemade, Season 8)

31. Bazaar:
Is it okay to do it?(The CW, season 12)
great american joke(The CW, new race series))
power(Prime Video, series)
Doogie Camera, MD(Disney+, season 2)
heart(The Roku Channel, Season 2)
Carpool Karaoke Series(Apple TV+, Season 5C)
owl night(Apple TV+, new animated series for kids)
Kaguya-sama: Love is War, the First Kiss That Never Ends(Crunchyroll, Season 3B)
game master(The Grio, season 2)

1. April:
Major League Baseball regular season(Fox, season 28)
hell of heaven(Crunchyroll, New York Comic Series)
My love story with Yamada-kun Lv999(Crunchyroll, New York Comic Series)

2. April:
CMT Music Awards(CBS, live awards special)
crack the mystery(The CW, season 3)
Top Ten Announced(AXS Television, Season 6)
vinyl obsession(AXS TV, new documentary series)
Louisiana law(Animal Planet, Season 2)
Violent Thoughts: Killers on Tape(Oxygen, new document series)
obscure(TV One, Season 17)
uncensored(TV One, Season 6)
a spark(BYUtv, series)
royal biscuits(Adult Swim, new animated comedy series)

3. April:
Martha Chef(The Roku Channel, Season 2)
alaska survival race(USA Net, new competition series)
Gyro Blast Quadstrike(Disney XD, Season 7)
MLB debut(TBS, Live Sports)
CNN News Center(CNN, New Daily section)
Elizabeth Vargas reports(NewsNation, new evening news series)
african pop(The World, Season 15)
La Frontera gives Pati Jinich(PBS, Season 2)

4. April:
sign(Netflix, new competition series)
Redefined: J.R. Smith(Prime Video, new documentary series)
Jump rope and loafers(Crunchyroll, New York Comic Series)

5. April:
Schmidt Garton!(Apple TV+, Season 2)
cross border(Disney+, series)
dave(FX, season 3)
good mothers(Disney+, new series from Italy)
Dr. Pimple Popper(TLC, Season 9)
Australian Ph.D.(TLC, new documentary series)
Planting of Belushi(Discovery, season 3)

6. April:
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies(Paramount+, new musical comedy series)
beef(Netflix, new comedy series)
ghostbusters(Travel Channel/Discovery+, Season 15)
celebrity game face(E!, Season 4)
Celebrity Prank Wars(E!, new race series)
Dr. Shi's new world(Crunchyroll, Season 3)
old magician's bride(Crunchyroll, season 2)
marriage of inconvenience(Dekkoo, new comedy series)

7. April:
little beautiful things(Hulu, serials)
transatlantic(Netflix, series)
thicker than water(Netflix, series)
OK! OK! Verdun vs. Boris Becker(Apple TV+, new documentary miniseries)
friday night baseball(Apple TV+, Season 2)
jury dilemma
(Amazon Freevee, new comedy series)
Gold Rush: Parkes Trail(Discovery, season 6)
21st century art(PBS, Season 11)
Mashle: Magic and Muscle(Crunchyroll, New York Comic Series)
Birdie Wing - Golfpigers History(Crunchyroll, season 2)

8. April:
totally weird and funny(The CW, new video clip series)
Love and Marriage: Huntsville(Own, Season 6)

9. April:
crow's home(Disney Channel, Season 6)
Demon Slayer: Blade Sword Cultivator Chapter(Crunchyroll, New York Comic Series)
Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury(Crunchyroll, season 2)

10. April:
sailboat below deck(Bravo, Season 4)
reguizamo made america(MSNBC, new documentary series)

11. April:
wall(NBC, season 5)
Am I being unreasonable?(Hulu, new British comedy series; US premiere)
outside(Paramount+, new Korean drama series)
fbi real(Paramount+, season 2)
my grandparents war(PBS, Season 2)
2023 NBA playoffs begin(TNT, Live Sports)

April 12:
America Manhunt: Boston Marathon Bombings(Netflix, new documentary miniseries)
Innervation(Disney+, new documentary series)
single drunk woman(Freeform, Season 2)
unknown place(PBS Terra, documentary series)

13. April:
titan(HBO Max, season 4B; previous season)
Till death do us part Kourtney & Travis(Hulu, new improv series)
headliner med rachel nichols(Showtime, interview in New York)
Ranking of Kings: Chest of Courage(Crunchyroll, Season 1B)
that 8(Viaplay, limited Swedish series; US premiere)

April 14th:
The marvelous Mrs Maisel(Prime Video, Season 5; previous season)
last thing he told me(Apple TV+, series)
troublemaker(Paramount+, season 2)
simple(Apple TV+, new live-action/animated series for kids)
queen band(Netflix, new Korean drama series)
Waco: Aftermath(Showtime, new limited series)
En Black Lady Sketch Show(HBO, season 4)
blind spot(Starz, new comedy series)
Gold Rush: Whitewater(Discovery, Season 6B)
Monte Cristo(Vix, serials)
Redford rebirth(Speedvision, new documentary series)
sales are paint(YouTube, new comedy series in short form)

April 15th:
2023 NBA playoffs begin(ABC/TNT/ESPN/NBA TV, live sports specialist)
USFL Season 2 Opening Day Doubles(Fox, Live Sports Special)

April 17th:
weakest link(NBC, season 3)
NHL playoffs begin(ESPN/TNT, live sports)
90 Day Fiancé: Love is in Heaven(TLC, Season 3)
you, me and my ex(TLC, season 2)
breakfast club(BET, simulcast of syndicated radio programs)
aaron's touch(Discovery Familia, new Spanish-language documentary series)

April 18th:
deadliest catch(Discovery, season 19)
this is how you get rich(Netflix, new docu-series)
7 Lil Johnston(TLC, Season 13)
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch(History, Season 4)

April 19th:
chimpanzee empire(Netflix, new documentary series)
change the planet(PBS, Season 2)
quite hard(MTV, new comedy series)

April 20th:
Mrs Davis(Peacock Episode)
diplomat(Netflix, series)
Beavis and ass head(Paramount+, season 2)
funny or dead higher science(HBO Max/Discovery+, new documentary series)
absolutely, absolutely(AMC+, new comedy series)
launch on mars(HBO Max, new animated comedy series)

April 21:
death bell(Prime Video, new limited series)
Indian Matchmaking(Netflix, season 3)
welcome to eden(Netflix, season 2)
large beast(Apple TV+, new documentary series)
main islands(Prime Video, new British documentary series; U.S. premiere)
slide(Roku Channel, New Comedy Series)
dear mother(FX, new docu-series)

April 22:
Eight Dynasties(Animal Planet, new documentary series)

April 23rd:
someone somewhere(HBO, season 2)
Amityville: Origin Story(MGM+, new documentary series)
from(MGM+, season 2)
hometown takeover(HGTV, Season 2)
fix my frankenhaus(HGTV, new documentary series)
texas bad boys(Zeus, season 2)

April 24th:
The Real Hatfields and McCoys: A Forever Feud(Fox Nation, new documentary series)
police officer(Fox Business, Season 35)
made in America(Fox Business, Season 6)
my dream car(Fox Business Network, Season 2)
Universal Building(Fox Business, Season 3)
Bakken(NewsNation, new daily politics series)

April 25th:
family heritage(Paramount+, new documentary series)
Venture Business: Japan(Netflix, new docu-series)
supermarket postponement(Food Network, Season 5)
Notch: Military Salute(Food Network, new competition series)
lessons with champion golfers(GolfPass, new instructional series)

April 26th:
Holy X(Hulu, serials)
Sam: a Saxon(Hulu, serials)
Awkwafina is Nora from Queens(Comedy Central, season 3)
Iconic America: Our Symbols and Stories by David Rubenstein(PBS, new docuseries)
mission unknown(Science Channel, new documentary series)

April 27th:
100 days of Indy(CW, new docuseries)
sweet tooth(Netflix, season 2)
The Gentle Art of Death Purification in Sweden(Peacock, new documentary series)
love and death(HBO Max, new limited series)
2023 NFL Draft(ESPN/ABC/ESPN Deportes, live tre-dages sportsspecial)

28. April:

fortress(Prime Video, series)
frogs and toads(Apple TV+, new animated series for kids)
King of collectibles: Goldin Touch(Netflix, new docu-series)
wave maker(Netflix, new Korean drama series)
couples therapy(Showtime, Season 3B)
Who's talking to Chris Wallace?(CNN/HBO Max, Season 3)

30. April:
fatal attraction(Peacock Episode)
tom jones(PBS, New Drama Limited Series)
Stone Cold Challenges America(A&E Network, My Documentary Series)
WWE's Most Wanted Treasure(A&E Network, season 2)

1. Major:
white house plumber(HBO/HBO Max, new limited series)
a little light(National Geographic Channel, new limited series)
undercover minor(ID, Season 2)

2. Major:
Menendez + Menudo: The Boy Betrayed(Peacock, new documentary series)
MTV Couples Retreat(MTV, Season 2; New Network; fka Couples Retreat)
Thalia's Mixtape: The Soundtrack of My Life(Paramount+, new documentary series)

3. Major:
Ed Sheeran: The Sum of Everything(Disney+, new documentary series)
jewish matchmaking(Netflix, new unscripted series)
P.K.'s place(ESPN+, new documentary series)

5. Major:
the silo(Apple TV+, series; fka Wool)
Harriet spy(Apple TV+, Season 2)
national taste with padma lakshmi(Hulu, season 2)
June Mom: Family Crisis(WEtv, Season 6)
meet news reports(NBC News, Season 6)
The Adventures of the Great Wolves(Kidoodle.tv, new animated series for kids)

8. Major:
Do! Master(ABC, ny gameshow-serie)
spirit ranger(Netflix Jr., Season 2)
Chris Plante The Right Team(Newsmax, new nightly debate show)

9. Major:
Judge Steve Harvey(ABC, Season 2)
dancing queen(Bravo, new unscripted series)

10. Major:
game show(ABC, new documentary series)
Grade 09(Hulu, new limited series)
muppets mayhem(Disney+, new musical comedy series)
we need to talk america(Fuse, season 2)
holden brothers leftovers(MotorTrend+, new document series)

11. Major:
Academy of Country Music Awards(Prime Video, live awards special)

12. Major:
big(Hulu, season 3)
branded by me(Apple TV+, series)
RuPaul's All-Star Drag Racing(Paramount+, season 8)
queer eye(Netflix, season 7)
Mulligan(Netflix, new animated comedy series)
black knight(Netflix, new Korean drama series)
Quest for the Stanley Cup(ESPN+, Season 8)
kids destroy everything(Roku Channel, Season 3)
mothers(The Roku Channel, Season 2)
Band: Music Competition(AXS TV, new competition series)

13. Major:
fortress(Crunchyroll, new Japanese anime series)

14. Major:
scared of the walking dead(AMC, Season 8A; previous season)
dice(TBS, Season 2)
match me abroad(TLC, new documentary series)

15. Major:
ghosts of beirut(CBS, drama miniseries)
Summer Baking Championships(Food Network/Discovery+, ny konkurrenceserie)
Decoration wild(HGTV, new unscripted series)
Street gangsters: locals only(Discovery, new document series)

16. Major:
angel castle(HBO, new documentary series)
Tower 2: Message of Death(BritBox, UK series season 2; US premiere)

17. Major:
high desert(Apple TV+, new comedy series)
Work: what we do every day(Netflix, new docu-series)
the stallones(Paramount+, the new unscripted series)
Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl(Hulu, new documentary series)
sisters(IFC, new comedy series)

18. Major:
XO, Kitty(Netflix, new comedy series)
Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss(Peacock, new documentary series)
three people drinking brandy(Prime Video, new documentary series)
i survived bear grills(TBS, New Competition Series)
the waves(Theme, Serbian Series Season 1; U.S. Premiere)
OK(Vix, new Spanish-language episodes)

19. Major:
Still water(Apple TV+, Season 3)
the disabled(Netflix, series)
sell sunset(Netflix, season 6)
young, famous and african(Netflix, season 2)
spy/master(Max, serial)
Hillsong's Secret(FX, new docu-series)
primo(Amazon Freevee, episode)
air crash(Smithsonian Channel, Season 19)
sky warrior(Smithsonian Channel, Season 11)
beauty collective(Own, Season 3)

22. Major:
crime scene kitchen(Fox, season 2)
prehistoric planet(Apple TV+, Season 2)
happy valley(Acorn TV/AMC+/BBC America, season 3; last season, U.S. premiere)

23. Major:
beat Shazam(Fox, season 6)
don't forget the text(Fox, season 2)
Clone high(Max, the new animated comedy reboot series)
SmartLess: on the road(Max, new document series)
what do i eat with zooey deschanel(Max, new document series)
how to create a sex scandal(Max, new documentary miniseries; former HBO Max reboot date)
Gremlins: The Secret of the Mogwai(Max, new animated adventure series)
how i met your father(Hulu, Season 2B)

24. Major:
chef(Fox, season 13)
Gordon Ramsays Gourmet Star(Fox, new competition series)
Chinese American(Disney+, new comedy series)
Platonic(Apple TV+, new comedy series)
space(Hulu, new limited series)
Ultimatum: Queer Love(Netflix, season 2)
Oh cook!(Prime Video, Season 2)
Mayanerne M.C. (FX, season 5; final season)


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