9 Best Acrylic Photo Printing Services (Top Picks of 2022!) (2023)

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Movement is difficult to capture in photography. This is where panning comes into play.

This technique is not as difficult as it seems. Much depends on your choice.shutter speed. We'll show you how to do it right.

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Canvas Champion Acrylic paintings

Transform your photos into stunning works of art with vibrant acrylic prints that bring out the best in your memories.

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Photographic prints on acrylic glass: what is that?

There are two methods of making acrylic prints. One method is simple printingPhotographic paperand then hold the print down with two pieces of acrylic. The image is usually first printed and then mounted on the acrylic.

The other method is to print your photo directly onto acrylic. This is done with a flatbed printer. Both methods can produce excellent prints.

Acrylic prints will give this tremendouslyshimmeringeffect on your photos. The image itself may even look brighter since light can bounce off the acrylic sheet. This all depends on the type of acrylic used.

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Why should I use acrylic glass pictures?

Acrylic prints are durable.

One of the main reasons why people prefer acrylic prints over other materials is the strength of an acrylic print. An acrylic print can flex slightly without tearing or wrinkling the photo paper.

The protective surface also allows you to easily clean dust and other dirt. Regular maintenance is as easy as it soundscanvas prints. This almost guarantees a long life for your photo.

Acrylic prints are light.

Acrylic prints tend to be quite lightweight compared to other framing methods. As the only elements in the prints are paper and acrylic, there is nothing else to add weight. This is useful when you compose the image.

Because acrylic is usually quite thin, acrylic prints are not as strong as prints on metal. Also, printing on foam board is much easier but less safe to transport.

They come in different sizes

Because acrylic prints are simply paper and acrylic, prints are usually a maximum of one centimeter thick. This is good if you want to save prints. Or if you simply want to move prints from one place to another, acrylic prints are the most affordable option and keep your photos safe.

Prints can be a few millimeters thicker than those printed on metal. But the difference here is that metal prints don't have the same pressure protection as acrylic prints.

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Tips to make your photo printed on acrylic glass

I am now going to walk you through some practical tips to keep in mind when ordering canvases online.

Choosing the right print size

The number one rule when printing photos is to always take into account the size in which it is going to be printed. This starts with planning where you want your photo print to go. Measure your wall and see how big your image will look in real life. Be sure not to print a size that takes up all the space. You must give your image a break.

Suppose you still have no idea where you want your prints to go. Don't worry! Maybe just go for a size similar to A4 paper as you can stick some of these on a blank wall for future reference.

Prepare image file

One of the most important factors to consider is your image file. If a photo printout is not clear, you will most likely tryprint biggerlike the photo file.

The easiest way to check the size of your image is throughAdobe Photoshop. You want to open the file and then goImage > Image Size. Here you can scroll through the different measurement options. You need to make sure that your image is at least the size of the desired print and its resolution is at least300 ppp.

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You can even zoom to 100% in Photoshop. This will give you a rough idea of ​​the quality at which the image will print.

assembly of your work

Another point to consider is how you will place the photo on the wall. Different companies offer different ways to mount acrylic glass pictures.

The most common are metal poles. These posts go through the corner of your images, so keep that in mind when choosing your photo. You also have the option of having a rail on the back to hang it from nails in the wall.

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The best acrylic printing services.

1.the painter

  • custom sizes:Yes (more than 18 options)
  • mounting options:Metal Standoff Post Rear Mounting Frame Decorative None
  • Preis:$$

Pictorem is a photo lab that produces great prints and regularly offers great discounts. You will also find many sizes to choose from for your acrylic print. One of the aspects that I like the most is that they offer circular patterns. This is something unique and could look great in various settings. They also offer the option to discuss custom shapes that might be the option for you if you are looking for truly custom acrylic prints.

You also get several advanced printing options. These range from selectively transparent surfaces to glitter effect prints. These options allow you to create a custom acrylic print that meets all your needs. They even offer a backlight option to make your photos shine and stand out.

Pictorem also offers different options when it comes to choosing the thickness of the acrylic. They offer two different thicknesses: 1/8″ or 3/16″. The 3/16″ option has a greater optical depth that allows more room for light reflection around the print.

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2.large acrylic

  • custom sizes:Yes (more than 45 options)
  • mounting options:Recessed, Wall Hanging, Floating Frame, None
  • Preis:$$

Big Acrylic is a print lab specializing in large acrylic and metal prints. Because they specialize in this type of printing, you have a few custom options to choose from. Custom options start with different thicknesses of acrylic. You have 4 different options to choose from: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″. You also have the option of rounding the corners of your acrylic prints. This is primarily a visual choice, but you can also avoid having sharp edges around the house.

They also have the option of producing anti-reflective acrylic prints that greatly reduce light.reflective surfacewhich normally comes with acrylic print. This option comes with additional UV protection to ensure that your print retains its colors even after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Although they are called Big Acrylic, they can also do smaller acrylic prints for the table. These are not made for the wall. Instead, they have a small stand to sit freely on a table. This could be great for weddings or other parties.

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3.White wall

  • custom format:Yes (more than 56 options)
  • mounting options:Aluminum rail, picture hook, metal pole
  • Preis:ps

White Wall is an award winning lab producing high quality prints at a competitive price. They offer the widest range of sizes on this list. And they offer custom sizes and even custom shapes. Wall mounting is always included with your order. They even have a helpful video that gives you tips for assembling your work.

One of its exclusive options allows you to get an ultra HD acrylic print. This means using high-quality photo paper and the best printing options available. This option gives you better image quality and colors in your photographic printing. You also have the option of printing your job on metallic paper to give your prints that extra shiny and reflective effect.

Even without HD acrylic printing, you can choose to print on regular photo paper ormatte paper. If you really want to produce something special, WhiteWall offers WhiteWall Masterprint. This allows you to print up to 500 x 240 cm (196 x 94 inches). The process is verified by one of their master printers and you end up with museum-quality prints.

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4.In printing

  • custom format:No (18 options)
  • mounting options:Metal Pole, Wall Mount, None, Easel, Pedestal
  • Preis:$$$

Printique is known for producing a wide range of photographic prints, from photo books to calendars. But did you know that they also offer acrylic prints? They may not offer to print your photo to a custom size, so you have to do it yourselfcrop your image. Cropping your image is a better option than adding an extra frame on acrylic prints.

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At Printique, all photographs are mounted on DiBond metal. This makes prints slightly heavier than when printed directly or mounted on acrylic. The quality of acrylic photo prints is excellent, but this print lab seems to be quite expensive. If you could find a discount, it might be worth it. But other than that, there are cheaper options on the market.

One feature I like is the acrylic blocks. These are basically 1″ thick acrylics on their prints that they supply in any size. But for smaller prints, I think the small blocks could work as a nice setup on a table.

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  • custom format:Y
  • mounting options:wood and wire, aluminum with batten, none
  • Preis:$$$

Bumblejax is so confident in their acrylic photo prints that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every print. They also claim to be one of the first companies to bring gallery acrylic prints to the masses. That tells us two things: they have the highest quality acrylic prints, and they have had them for a long time.

All his prints are mounted on DiBond for better protection and durability. For the acrylic front, you can choose between 3 different thicknesses: 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″. They also offer a 1″ thick acrylic for photo blocks. With all of these size options, you can choose between TruLife Acrylic and Anti-Glare Acrylic. A TruLife acrylic print offers additional glare reduction, scratch resistance and better UV protection.

Bumblejax also offers polished or beveled edges for acrylic printing. The sanded option leaves a slight opacity on the side of your prints. The polished edge gives you a completely smooth and transparent edge. On top of all this customization, you still have the option of metallic and glittery paper.

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6.photo of the bay

  • custom format:Yes (more than 65 options)
  • mounting options:DiBond or paper staple, keyhole hanger, metal pole
  • Preis:$$

BayPhoto is one of the best sites to get your acrylic print simply because of the customization and control they give you. For each step in the process, you will be given at least two options to choose from. So if you're one of those people who knows exactly what you're looking for, BayPhoto might be for you.

You can choose between luminous or metallic paper and two different types of acrylic: standard and anti-glare. Additionally, you can back the work on DiBond or paper and choose between 1/4″ or 1/8″ thickness. With the metal poles, you can even choose between small and large poles!

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  • custom format:Yes (6+ options)
  • mounting options:Front Mount, Table Mount, French Batten
  • Preis:ps

CanvasChamp is another well-known printing company that you can trust when doing an acrylic print. They are known for producing a wide range of photo prints for your home or workplace and acrylic prints fit well into their arsenal. The best thing about their service is that it is one of the cheapest on this list.

Because they're among the cheapest on this list, CanvasChamp doesn't offer the same level of customization as other print labs. You can choose between a post mount or metal posts, which are the most common way to hang an acrylic print.

One aspect that I like is that their upload process is quick, easy, and fairly straightforward. here you can dophoto collagesor just share photos. That means you have even more fun ways to display your work at home.

9 Best Acrylic Photo Printing Services (Top Picks of 2022!) (11)

8.discount canvas

  • custom format:No (10 options)
  • mounting options:none
  • Preis:ps

The CanvasDiscount name describes their service quite well, bringing you acrylic printing at a great price. They advertise excellent reproduction with vivid colors and offer the best price guarantee in the US This tells us that they have to be among the cheapest options out there. I'm also a fan of the 50% discount on the second print ordered.

The downside to going for the cheapest place available is that you won't find many customization options with acrylic printing. They don't even have mounting options for the prints you order. This is not a big problem, as it is not too difficult to find cheap mounts. But when you order prints online, you expect them to be fully furnished and ready for the wall.

(Video) How to Transfer Photos to Canvas

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  • custom format:No (7 options)
  • mounting options:metal pole
  • Preis:$$

shutteryou make this list because it is so easy to create your acrylic print. You can simply select the acrylic print, then upload your image and voila! It's not the cheapest option on this list, and it also gives you the smallest range of sizes. So I'd say it's only worth going here if you don't care too much about all the details of your final print.

One thing I like about Shutterfly is the variety of custom frames they offer. These custom frames range from wood-backed acrylic prints to collages with writing on them. This would be a great gift for family or friends. They also simplify the fitting process so you don't have to sit behind your computer for hours.

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After reviewing the major acrylic printing websites, we can see that there is definitely a demand for this technique for displaying photos. Acrylic printing provides a unique aesthetic that fits both elegant commercial settings and cozy home settings. If you're still not convinced, look for acrylic prints when you go to the stores! Many places use them due to their easy cleaning and durability.

Each of these websites has its pros and cons. I would suggest that it is always better to go for the cheapest option if you plan to keep your acrylic photo prints for a while. If you're only going to be using the printables for a short time, it may be worth considering cheaper options depending on your budget.

look at oursEffortless editing with LightroomOf course, make sure that each photo you print is worthy of being displayed on your wall!

9 Best Acrylic Photo Printing Services (Top Picks of 2022!) (14)

Canvas Champion Acrylic paintings

Transform your photos into stunning works of art with vibrant acrylic prints that bring out the best in your memories.


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