Bumblejax Acrylic Print Review (+Sale) (2023)

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In the past I've reviewed a few canvas and metal printing services on this site, but until recently I didn't have a chance to try another interesting medium called acrylic facemounting. As you will see in the photos in this post, this process essentially sandwiches your prints between a backing plate and a thick sheet of glossy acrylic. As with canvas and metal prints, the process creates a finished product ready to hang that requires no additional framing.

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Hummelis a Seattle based printing company with 10 years of experience and when I read their website I found out that they were one of the first websites in the US to offer acrylic front mount as a printing option. They do offer several other types of prints (canvas, wood, aluminum) but when I was asked if I would like to review their services it only made sense to try the acrylic option as that was clearly their specialty.

I chose to print one of my recent wildlife images of a black bear because it featured a range of dark blacks, some fine fur detail, some wet highlights, and a range of colors.

The photo arrived well packaged in a cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap. Living in the Yukon, Canada, the box probably took a few different flights to get to me, but shipping was quick and the print was clearly well protected for those trips.

On this page you can see some pictures of the product I received which was a 16 x 24 (1/4″ thick) acrylic sheet with a diamond polished edge, foil and an aluminum subframe/louver hanging system.

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A note from Bumblejax on choosing metallic paper for acrylic glued prints:

For most images mounted on acrylic, metallic paper is a good choice as it gives the image a bit more depth and radiance, especially when combined with the vibrancy of acrylic (an extra tip would be to make it stand out). with good artistic lighting that makes it stand out even more). Only if the photos show people, e.g. For example, family portraits, or if the image has soft, muted colors, we typically do not recommend metallic paper.

The retail cost for the print options I selected is $258 + shipping. To put that in perspective, I looked up a few other popular printers online to see what the cost would be if I printed an image of this size on archival fine art paper. Generally, taking an average of different printers, you would consider about $75 for a print on quality paper. Bumblejax themselves charge $80 for a print this size on Hahnemühle Silk Baryta. So, for an additional $178, you get a ready-to-hang product.

Personally I think it's a good deal and with my business hat on I think you can get better margins on your sales by selling a ready to hang product rather than a simple paper print in a roll. It's difficult to offer traditionally framed, already-framed paper prints because you can't know what frame would look good in your client's space. This is definitely one of the reasons why canvas, metal and acrylic prints are popular with people selling through their websites rather than in a physical gallery. And from a customer's perspective, there's something great about being able to unwrap something and hang it up right away.

At this point I would also like to mention the Bublejax print shipping prices, because I think their system is awesome. Shipping is 10% of the product price within the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). For Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska, it's 25% + product price + $10.

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If you're selling prints like a pro and not doing the printing yourself, there comes a time when you need to price individual prints or a whole batch of prints to set your pricing for standard sizes. In the past, shipping costs have always been a nuisance because until you know the size of the print and its exact destination, you can't give your customers an exact price. Well, you can with the Bumblejax system, and it couldn't be easier. Simply find the cost of all the sizes you want to offer, add 10% (or 25% of the shipping cost) and then factor in your own print sale markup. Now you can offer your customers prints with easy-to-disclose shipping costs, or include shipping costs in your print price and offer "free shipping" to your customers. This is so much easier! Good job Bumblejax.

The print quality I received was fantastic. The colors were accurate and the shades of the bear's dark fur were exactly what I would expect from a good printer.

As you can see from the photos the back of the print is also very well presented and a hanging kit has been provided along with a cloth and bottle of acrylic cleaner. This is extremely important to me because when I'm selling prints, I want my customers to unwrap something that not only looks great, but alsofeellike an expensive product. There is no way you can charge four figures for prints if the customer feels they are getting a cheap, flimsy print, even if they like the image. The presentation and quality of the product are important! On that front, Bumblejax definitely lives up to the quality of the print, so this is the complete package and I really smiled when I unwrapped it.

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Having never printed a face in acrylic before, I wasn't sure what the edges of the print would look like. would they be clear Opaque? structured? Rough or smooth?

The answer, as you can see if you click on the images below to expand them, is that they are smooth and clear. There isn't even an iota of misalignment between the printed back panel and the 1/4″ acrylic panel on the front. Honestly I don't know how they make it that clean but it looks shiny and feels good when you pick it up. The whole thing is really solid.


For amateur photographers who want to occasionally print for their own pleasure, it's relatively easy to go to Google and find an online printing service that offers affordable and acceptable results. However, as a discerning professional or amateur photographer who needs the highest quality prints and product presentation to match, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff in these search results. I've been there myself!

At Bublejax, you get friendly service from a company that can make a variety of products, and if you have questions about anything, just pick up the phone and call. They print in-house in Seattle and from what I've seen their products are excellent. I look forward to ordering more prints from you for my clients in the future and am excited to try some of your other print media.

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If you've never tried an acrylic face mount as a medium, I definitely urge you to give Bumblejax a try. Like metal prints, images can appear much more vivid than canvas and paper, and acrylic's thickness adds an intriguing depth to the viewing experience.

Offer: Save 35%

If you are a professional selling your prints and want to try Bumblejax's services, you canclick here on this linkand save 35% on your first order and 15% on all subsequent orders.


What is the difference between an art print and an acrylic print? ›

With the canvas print, you get a purposefully grainy look to give it the oil painting look, while acrylic is sharp and vibrant particularly when combined with metallic paper. The blacks will be much more pronounced and you'll see a 33% increase in color gamut over canvas.

How long do acrylic prints last? ›

This will depend on the printing method & how & where the print is displayed, but in optimal conditions an acrylic print may last for decades & even up to 100 years.

What is the best resolution for acrylic prints? ›

We recommend at minimum a DPI of 150 for printing on metal and acrylic. A DPI of 300 provides the highest quality.

Is an acrylic print better than a canvas print? ›

Durability – score for acrylic

Here Acrylic print takes the win (by a mile, or 100). While canvas print can be sprayed with UV protectant, it pales in comparison to the superior protection from UV rays that acrylic print provides. Some acrylic applications can offer up to 70-99% UV protection.

Are acrylic or canvas prints better? ›

The light-capturing properties of acrylic will enhance those hues, making them appear more vibrant. Acrylic provides a 3D look to your photographs with sleek, glossy finishes and crisp edges. If your subject matter is more sedate or classic, canvas prints enhance that beauty.

Is matte or glossy better for acrylic painting? ›

You don't really see any change in how light-valued areas in a painting look with different finishes. If your painting is high-key then a gloss varnish is sort of 'wasted' so I would go with matt or satin. If it's fairly dark overall then gloss or satin are the best choices if you want to maximise tonal variation.

What is the advantage of acrylic prints? ›

Acrylic printing offers longevity by keeping your print sealed inside. These prints resist humidity, moisture, ultraviolet (UV) light, dust and abrasions. Acrylic-mounted photos are durable enough to display your images in harsher environments. They're also ideal for families who pack up and move frequently.

Should acrylic prints be framed? ›

But can you frame acrylic prints? Yes, there are print services that offer framing, but the appeal of acrylic prints is their borderless design which gives them their unique depth. Framing would cover up the edges, thus losing this unique characteristic.

Can you frame an acrylic print? ›

Our “Float Frame Solution” commonly referred to as a Museum-Back Frame can be added to Acrylic Mounted Photos and any “1st surface” Direct Digital Print on a rigid substrate such as SINTRA ® (PVC sheets), Dibond Aluminum Composite, Infinity Board and more. Installing ANY of these hanging mechanisms is very easy.

Do acrylic prints scratch easily? ›

Acrylic is a form of plastic, much like a sheet of Plexiglas. If you have ever worked with Plexiglas then you will know that it is very easy to scratch. There are some professional print labs that offer a scratch resistant acrylic option but at a considerably higher cost.

How do you tell if a photo will look good blown up? ›

Check Image Resolution

The resolution determines how sharp your images will be when rolled out of the printer. If you haven't got a good resolution, there's not much you can do to make big prints look nice. It depends on how big you print, of course. But you will likely be able to see the pixelation.

How do I get the highest quality prints? ›

Here are some guidelines for getting the best quality prints from your photos:
  1. Start with the right size and shape. ...
  2. Understand DPI and PPI. ...
  3. Get a 300 DPI file. ...
  4. Apply some Sharpening. ...
  5. Download as a PNG + print. ...
  6. Check the DPI before you print.

What format is best for high quality prints? ›

When preparing images for print, the highest quality images are desired. The ideal file format choice for print is TIFF, followed closely by PNG. With your image opened in Adobe Photoshop, go to the "File" menu and select "Save As".

What is considered an art print? ›

The definition of an art print

previously engraved and inked, obtained on paper using a press. The printing of a print may be carried out in several copies called «proofs». It is agreed to call «original print» a print designed, and executed on the board by a single artist.

What is an acrylic art print? ›

An acrylic print is a photo reproduction displayed behind a slim sheet of acrylic glass. The acrylic pane enhances the appearance of your image, giving it a mesmerizing depth effect, while also protecting your print from sunlight and contact damage.

What is an art print vs a print? ›

The difference between a photographic print and a fine art print has to do with the paper involved with the print. The photographic paper is not as of a high-quality paper as the fine art paper. Photographic paper has acid in the paper which can make the print fade, crack, or even make them brittle over time.

Are acrylic prints any good? ›

They also work better in places where there is lots of moisture (including outside). If they're in your budget the acrylic prints do offer a sizable upgrade in terms of color accuracy, vibrancy, and longevity. They are the gold standard in photo presentation.


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