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Mixbook offers a huge selection of design elements and makes everything easy to find, so you can create the perfect gift in minutes. The final product is of good print and binding quality.


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    a large library of ready-made books

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    Simple to use

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    good quality book


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    no overnight delivery

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    no in-store collection

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Mixbook is our best betphoto book2021 website. Most companies will tell you they're suitable for every occasion, but with Mixbook there really is an option for (almost) every event. With 24 categories for all your photo booking needs, from simple designs to Martha Stewart's own exclusive selections, there's sure to be a template to suit your needs. With the ability to import images from a variety of devices, and a chat function at hand when help is needed, the process couldn't be easier. If you're looking for a personalized photo gift, Mixbook might have what you're looking for.

While it doesn't offer the convenience of nightly photo printing like brick-and-mortar suppliers, it does have great delivery options and a good selection of print sizes.

Hybrid Book: Pricing

A 25-page 8.5 x 8.5 hardcover book retails for $36.95 on the Mixbooks website. This service also charges standard shipping and tax, so you'll probably pay an extra $12.99 or so. We found this price plus tax and shipping to be pretty average for a photo book. You'll find cheaper options elsewhere, but you'll also find more expensive options. If you want your book to exceed 25 pages, each additional page will cost $1.39. This is a great price for adding pages, although not the cheapest we found. If you want to save money, try the following servicesblinds.

Mixbook: Quality and Service

The projects we've done with Mixbook have arrived faster than many other projects we've ordered. Our testers found the cover to be thick and strong, protecting the images inside for years to come. The cover image is color accurate and the printing is beautiful and clear. Our experts also found interior photo rendering to be near perfect, though they found some graininess. Mixbook books have a title page to further protect the pages and give the project an elegant feel. The only site that prints better isArtifact Uprising.

What makes Mixbook one of the best photo gifting sites is its wide range of features. Online photo album editor offers attractive, fully composed layouts to choose from. The templates are easy to navigate from desktop or your mobile, with fully responsive displays for swipe and touch commands.

You can also choose from hundreds of templates. Many of these are themed, so you can create a book celebrating births, adoptions, holidays, pets, or even old family recipes. You can also use a generic template as a background if you don't want your album to have a specific theme. The site lets you quickly search for backgrounds and start customizing them as soon as you choose them.

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Mixbook offers additional cross-device functionality, you can search and upload images directly from your computer, connect to your social media accounts and upload via QR code from your mobile device, all without switching gadgets. With the added photo manipulation tools, you can add effects to your photos using the drop-down menu. For example, you can change the shadow, tint, blur, distance, angle or opacity of an image, so you don't need a dedicatedphoto editing software.

This is one of the only online photo services that allows project collaboration. If you want more people to contribute to the project, just add them as contributors. All contributors can add images, decorate pages, and edit projects without using your password. You can also share your projects on Facebook or post them on a blog or website.

Mixbook guarantees the high quality of all its products and offers a money back guarantee on its custom books. Mixbook uploads your images at their original resolution and warns you if the quality is not good enough for printing. You can replace images or shrink them to fill every page with dynamic images. The average processing time before shipping is about one to three days, so it's important to plan if you need your book by a certain date.

Mixbook: Possibilities and Creations of Books

Mixbook has one of the largest size selections, offering eight different size options for custom photo books, from small pocket books of 8 x 6 inches, to the most common 11 x 8.5, to large coffee table books of 11 x 14 inches. There are Four different square book sizes - 6 x 6, 8.5 x 8.5, 10 x 10 and 12 x 12.

The publisher offers a choice of ten different covers, including leather, matte and glossy hardcovers and paperbacks. You can also use photos to make dust jackets. The cover options are varied and specific, which is just another aspect of the customization that Mixbook prides itself on.

There are four papers to choose from. Standard semi-gloss paper is good quality and thick enough to resist creases and tears. If you want something fancier and more formal, you also have a choice of pearl finishes and premium matte and glossy flats.

Mixbook Photo Book Review (2)

Mixbook has one of the most user-friendly interfaces of any website. It's easy to navigate, whether you're computer-savvy or not. When you launch the service, the tour shows you how to use Mixbook by highlighting the important features and tools you need to know. When you use the editing tools, you're shown where you can drag images and insert text on each page. There is also a help button embedded on each page, so you can ask for help or get more information about a specific feature at any time during the creation process. The buttons are clearly labeled, allowing even the most inexperienced designers to create beautiful products.

Mixbook: Support and User Reviews

The company's website also provides technical support. There's a live chat feature and an email address for contacting a support representative, as well as an FAQ section. Mixbook does not provide a phone support phone number. We highly recommend using the live chat feature, as Mixbook is very responsive and the customer representatives are very helpful. Unlike other retail chains, you can't buy your Mixbook items in-store. If you need your project urgently, we recommendwalmart photocollected on the same day. You'll be sacrificing quality for speed, so if you can plan ahead, we definitely recommend Mixbook.

Your book may arrive quickly, but please submit your order early and allow extra time during the holiday season when book service is busy. Our books are delivered in less than a week after ordering, standard delivery times can take 4 to 7 business days, so please plan ahead. However, we are very pleased with the speed at which our books are produced and the delivery times of our online competitors that match Mixbook's delivery speed.

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84% of Mixbook reviewers on TrustPilot give the site five stars. The compliments are endless and range from "the ability to customize/edit is user-friendly", to the fast and friendly customer service "the reps are always polite, helpful and responsive". Mixbook was once summed up by one user as "I can't say enough good things about this company!" With such rave reviews, Mixbook is definitely worth checking out.

Should you use Mixbook?

Mixbook's in-place photo album editor is simple enough for anyone to use, yet has enough features to appeal to advanced photo book designers. Again, the books are well made to protect the images inside for years to come. The range of templates and customization options is also impressive. While lead times can be a sticking point, the quality is worth the wait. Overall, the Mixbook does most things better than its competition, and while it's not the cheapest or the best when it comes to printing, it's the best all-around experience.

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