Recliner chairs (finally) become ~beautiful~ (2023)

I don't know if you're one of the thousands of people who have been scared by puppies over the past few years, but if you too have decided to take advantage of all your newfound free time during the pandemic to adopt a pet, furniture has probably seen better days. If after your puppy potty training accident or separation anxiety subsides, you haven't replaced everything you once loved in your home, I encourage you to take another look at the last thing you hung up on - whether it's the rug or the couch, Or trash chairs. For me, that was after I welcomed Irving, an aggressive long-legged rescue puppy into my home.West Elm Paidge Sofa.I inherited it from a friend (barely used) at a crazy discount. It looked really good...until suddenly, it looked really sad, and Owen added tears, stains, and chipping at the seams.


I desperately need a new sofa, but if I'm going to go through all the rigorous process of getting rid of the old one, picking out a new one and delivering it, it has to be better than the one I'm currently using. and collect (sorry, I'm lazy). If it's not your own personal hell, what's your secret? (is it meditation?)

well thought out and lucky turnShow, I findotaku, the first non-ugly recliner in history (No offense to Frasier's father).Really arebeshert(Brush your Yiddish, please) because later this week I heard from the brand in person and learned about its loveseats and pet-friendly fabrics. Needless to say, I'm intrigued.

How I chose the Homebody sofa

After all the time I've spent on Instagram and indoors coveting the drool-worthy, luxe marshmallow couchadvertising celebrity home visit, it’s no wonder Homebody popped up on my feed. If this is the first time you're hearing about the brand, you should know that it's relatively new - founded by a group of friends (and furniture industry veterans) after a very troublesome time on "the most uncomfortable sofas". The end of 2020 will mark the end of human history," according to HomebodyOriginal Kickstarter side, where the company started. The brand is dedicated to making the most comfortable furniture in the world – and while it currently only offers one style, the fully modular system can be configured in hundreds of different ways, from single armchairs all the way togroup of seven.The brand has really hit the angles for comfort—no sharp corners or metal pieces to hurt yourself, and everything is adjustable. I knew I wanted a double because I couldn't wait to turn my little one bedroom apartment into a DIY private screening room. While there are many neutral fabrics to choose from, I consideredHomebody's pet-friendly koala fabric, but its velvety finish, while chic, didn't match the rest of my decor—I ended up going with stain-resistant brown linen because it's both aesthetically pleasing and hides dirt.

Arrival, setup and assembly

I thought I was ready for it to come and set, but I was wrong. I thought these friendly delivery guys were coming to pick up my new couch, but when they jumped up, I realized it was up to me. The sofa came in a dozen boxes and was heavy (thankfully it was sent up the stairs to my brick and mortar apartment); much to my chagrin, the sofa can't be assembled by one person unless you're like The Rock Same build (and even probably are).

After calling a friend for help (and reading the instructions no less than five times each), we managed not to make a silly mistake (although we feared we'd clipped some critical wires while unpacking). Considering it doesn't require any tools to assemble (which IKEA does), it's actually pretty easy to put the sofa together - just two hands and a decent level of communication. Once plugged in we were wandering around just in time for the live broadcast#scandoodvalexistvan der pump rule.Now that I (and my dog) have lived with it for a month, we can give you an in-depth reviewhome sofa- These are our results.

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double recliner double sofa

$5240 at Homebody

$5240 at Homebody

Oh my goodness is it roomy...and it can recline

No, but seriously - if you've ever been lucky enough to watch a movie on a TVarc lampmovie theater (RIP), Alamo Drafthouse, or some other upscale theater with fully reclining seats (even better if it serves alcohol), then you'll feelhome sofa.close your eyes and picture Kim Kardashian (or some other similarly probed celebrity) home movie screening room; a room full of custom upholstered couches perfect for reclining and watching the latest A24 release of the unreleased clip. What is "luxury" and "comfort" if it isn't perfectly level all the time? But how can you afford the Kardashian lifestyle you deserve on a Miller High Life budget? you turnotakuA fully customizable setup. Not only that, but once inside, you can recline to a point where it's perfectly horizontal. Considering how many times I've fallen asleep fast on it (and pretty much slept through the night), I'd even venture to call it a sleeper.

manconversation gapDespite its triumphant return in recent years, most of us don't have room for binge-sized seats, though we still want our vegetables and indulge in the occasional snuggle. As someone whose living room and kitchen are in the same room (ah, a NYC apartment), it can be hard to find a couch that's big enough for guests to come over and comfortably but not take up the entire room. You don't want to sit on the couch and do the dishes, do you? Luckily, Homebody's sofas are available in a variety of configurations that can easily fit into smaller spaces—even the brand's sectional sofas. To put that into perspective, my old sofa was 87 inches wide and 40 inches deep, while my new Homebody sofa (with loveseat) is only three and a half inches wider, actually an inch lower, but somehow feels 10 times bigger.


what is the benefit

Interestingly, my Homebody sofa doesn't take up any more physical space in my apartment, yet it makes the room feel hugebig, given that it has such a large scale and becomes the focal point of the room. When I go out, I think about the couch and start longing to be home (like a lover). Seriously, there's nothing like getting up after a long day, especially when the chair does it for you. Oh, and did I mention it only needs two inches of clearance to tilt? What I think is most impressive is that the sofa can be flush with the wall and still be used, so it's perfect for smaller spaces.

Since a power connection is required to recline, Homebody integrates a handy little USB port into the frame so you can charge your devices while you relax - and if you can convince your significant other, you might never need to use your legs again About taking all your meals with you.

Even after carefully considering all the fabrics for Homebody, I was a little apprehensive about not choosing the best koala fabric for my pet. While all of the brand's fabric options are stain-resistant, the Koala fabric offers the added benefit of preventing scratches and traps. Luckily, I didn't regret my choice (linen) for one second as the couch looked exactly the same as the day I opened the box (with some crumbs left). Some pilling has developed, like with any new garment for the first time, but they started to pill right awaySpring.


But how does it hold up?

After a month of inclement weather wear, constant button presses, and a 50-plus-pound dog jumping on its recliner, it's safe to say the Homebody sofa was designed for heavy use. It didn't experience any major tugs or stains, although the fabric might need a good lint scrub. As for spills, water and other liquids will bead up the fabric rather than seep in, so if you act quickly, they might not even seep into the pad, and the little leftovers from a leprechaun's hour-long diet can easily be wiped away with a little Wipe off with water and a sponge or microfiber towel.

Are there any downsides?

Not much to report, but to reiterate, it's a functional piece of furniture as far as settings go. Trust me: When your sofa arrives, you'll need a friend or partner to help assemble and position it.

The only ax I have to sharpen is the constant adjustment of the cushions, which was also my gripe with the last it just a fact about sofas that I didn't realize? I'm guessing what style of cushions the Homebody sofa comes with - something likeair sofa- due to its amorphous, soft nature, tends to sink, so I can't really complain. If my only complaint was having to smell incredibly luxurious pillows every other day, then I'd call it a success.

Aside from its erratic origin story and need to periodically fluff, the sofa's only flaw is that it needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to recline, so itstrengthLimit where you can put it - or you may just have to invest in a few extension cords like I did.


long story short

After a month of sitting, sleeping, wrestling, eating, and working on this big, sexy La-Z-Boy-esque couch, it's one of the best things to happen to me in 2023. It gave my tiny apartment a much-needed, well-deserved facelift, inspired me to get company through, and probably eased my back pain - now that I think about it. If you're still conflicted about replacing your worn-out couch and Homebody hasn't been on your radar yet, let everyone know you haven't experienced paradise on earth, or in other words, how to stay on your toessuccessionLike the Kardashians. (Owen is also a big fan.)

Cheers to the good life (aka, the version with a chaise lounge).

The Homebody Loveseat Recliner Loveseat is available inotaku.

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