The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (2023)

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (1)

When looking for the best way to present our photography, design, art or family photos, we always look for the best choice. Acrylic printing has become a popular way to create stunning, high-quality prints. As this printing technique becomes more popular, the number of companies offering acrylic printing services continues to grow. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which companies are the best and which ones will disappoint.

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (2)

In this article, we'll tell you all about the different acrylic printing processes, the types of acrylic and how they affect the quality of your prints, the different mounting options you can find, and we'll take a closer look at some of the main types of acrylic printing. . market companies.

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What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a type of plastic derived from acrylic acid; It's fascinating material that can be used in many ways. The origins of acrylic date back to the early 1900's when scientists started experimenting with different forms of acrylic acid.

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However, the first commercial applications of acrylic were developed around 1930. Since then, acrylic has become a popular material with a wide range of uses and can be found virtually everywhere as it is used in many industries, from textiles to construction, medicine and even art.

What are acrylic glass pictures?

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Acrylic prints are a popular choice for displaying photographs, artwork, and other graphic designs because of their durability, modern aesthetic, and ability to capture and reflect light. They are commonly used in commercial settings such as museums, galleries and upscale retail spaces, as well as in homes and offices as accent pieces for displaying fine art prints or personal photos.

Types of acrylic prints

Front mounted acrylic prints

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (5)The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (6)

Acrylic front mounting is a specialized printing and mounting process not used by many companies. Your photo is printed with museum-quality ink on archival-quality paper (metallic or glossy photo paper), which is carefully mounted onto an acrylic panel using a high-quality optical adhesive.

Another PVC foam, dibond or acrylic sheet protective sheet is also added on the back to ensure your print is protected and well preserved. It's a complex process that produces stunning results, but it requires great attention to detail and is therefore more expensive than regular acrylic prints.

Direct print acrylic prints

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A direct acrylic print is created using a type of printing process in which the image is printed directly onto acrylic panels using a flatbed printer using UV resistant archival inks. This process is also known as direct-to-substrate printing because the ink is applied directly to the substrate material without the need for a transfer medium such as paper or vinyl.

While there is a slight drop in quality, the price and versatility of this type of printing more than make up for it. Plus, as the image is printed directly onto acrylic, you can use transparency to your advantage, print logos and silhouettes, and even create beautiful layered effects by playing with transparency. Plus, with the right lighting, you can make your acrylic prints shine and come to life.

What are acrylic photo blocks?

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Photo blocks are photos printed on thick acrylic blocks with the intention of creating an interesting 3D effect and allowing the acrylic blocks to stand on their own, making them ideal for small photos and portraits and the perfect gift for your loved ones. Blocks have a modern aesthetic and a stunning polished edge effect that will bring your images to life.

How to choose the best acrylic printing services

size and customization

Sizeis an important issue to consider as it can affect the level of detail and clarity of the final print. While size is inherently related to image quality, if your image is not large enough for your chosen size, most sites will let you know or provide instructions on how to Oto help you prepare your file for printing.

Being able to choose the perfect size for your photo or drawing is also important; Some acrylic printers offer limited sizes based on acrylic thickness and mounting options, so it's important to check if they sell the size you want.

If your choice is not on the list, you can contact the company to request a quote for a custom acrylic print.

Adjustmentit is also an important consideration when purchasing an acrylic painting, as it allows you to customize the print to your specific needs and preferences. Customization options include choosing the type of acrylic, choosing a finish, adding mounting or framing options, and more.

For example, if you plan to display your print in a bright or sunny room, opt for anti-glare or Tru Life Acrylic to reduce glare. If you want a more dramatic effect rather than the usual, not-so-aesthetic standoffs, you can opt for a larger size or a unique mounting option, for example. B. For front mount or float mount.

print options

As mentioned earlier, there are two main printing styles or processes used to create acrylic prints: direct printing and overprinting.

direct printingThe image is printed directly onto the acrylic sheet using a desktop printer. This process results in a print where ink is fused to acrylic; Direct printing is generally cheaper and faster than front printing, making it a popular choice for those on a budget or looking for a cost-effective way to create acrylic prints.

Frontmontageon the other hand, the image is printed on high quality photographic paper and pasted on the back of an acrylic plate with a special optical adhesive. Because this process uses high-quality photo paper, the refractive properties of acrylic enhance the colors and depth of the image. Front mounting is more expensive and time consuming than direct printing, but results in a print with a higher level of detail, durability and UV resistance.

Types and qualities of acrylic

There are different types of acrylic that can be used for printing, each with different qualities, uses and prices.


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Tru Life-Acrylit is the best of the best; It is a high quality acrylic sheet known for its incredible clarity and vibrant color reproduction. This type of acrylic is much more expensive than other options as it is UV and scratch resistant and has a special coating that reduces reflections without sacrificing image quality, resulting in an HD acrylic print that looks lit from within and lasts a lifetime.

anti-glare acrylic

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anti-glare acrylicis another popular choice for acrylic printing, especially in situations with poor light control. This type of acrylic has a smooth matte finish that diffuses light and minimizes reflections. However, anti-glare acrylic can sometimes produce a slight haze in the final print, so it may not be the best choice for prints that require absolute clarity.

matte acrylic

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matte acrylicis another option for those looking for non-reflective acrylic prints, but with a smoother finish and less distortion than non-reflective acrylic. It has a soft finish that also diffuses light, resulting in a print with a subtle and sophisticated look; However, it can blur sharpness and colors and lack the usual vibrancy of acrylic prints.

regular cast acrylic

Finally there isregular cast acrylic, which is a cheaper option than the acrylic paints listed above. While it may not have the same level of optical clarity or scratch resistance as Tru Life Acrylic, it can still produce beautiful, durable, vibrant acrylic prints at a more affordable price.

Support and mounting options

When it's aboutSupportEAssemblyAcrylic Print Options There are a few different options you can do depending on your preferences and needs.

support options

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (12)

A standard option is to use a thin, lightweight support such as foam board or Sintra. It provides extra support and helps prevent warping or creasing on smaller prints. However, for larger prints or thicker acrylic sheets it is important to use a more durable backing such as B. Dibond which has an aluminum backing.

Choosing the right support option is critical to maintaining the integrity and durability of your acrylic print. If you choose a company that doesn't offer support options, or if you try to hang your acrylic print without the proper support, you risk your print warping, bending, and even damage.

mounting options

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (13)

When choosing aAssemblyWhen choosing your acrylic print option, it is important to consider the size and weight of the print and the intended display location.

A common mounting option is to use a single-spaced system, where small holes are drilled into the acrylic print and secured with small screws or pegs. This method allows the print to be placed flush against the wall, giving it a sleek, modern look; However, it may not be everyone's favorite, as larger prints require more than the usual four spacers, ruining the aesthetics of the print.

Another popular option is to use a frame or clip system to mount the print, which involves attaching a frame or bracket to the back of the acrylic sheet, which can then be hung on the wall or other surface. This method is particularly useful for larger, thicker acrylic prints as it provides extra support and helps prevent warping or creasing over time.

Our picks for the best acrylic photo printing companies

  1. Best acrylic photo printing company overall: Pictorem acrylic printing company
  2. Best low cost acrylic printing company:Canvas Champ acrylic printing company
  3. The best acrylic prints for professionals:BumbleJax Acrylic Prints Company
  4. Best company for HD acrylic prints:White wall acrylic prints company
  5. Best company for large format acrylic prints:Acrylic Prints Company BayPhoto
  6. Best company for easy-to-use acrylic prints:ArtBeat Studios Acrylic Printing Company

1. Best Acrylic Printing Company Overall - Pictorem Printing Company

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (14)

selection criteria

  • Price – From $58 – $69 (12×18 inches)
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Sizing and Customization - Yes [From 8 × 8 to 90 × 60 inches]. Thickness, shape, size and pressure adjustment
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Printing options – direct printing via UV printer
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Rear and mount: no rear options, three different mount options
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Shipping: Free in the US and Canada, 5-7 business days
    • Our score: 10/10

about the painter

Pictorem is a top-notch printing company that has made a name for itself in the world of photo printing and wall art. With a focus on exceptional quality and unbeatable value for money, Pictorem has become an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create stunning acrylic prints.

What sets Pictorem apart from other printers is not just the exceptional quality of its acrylic prints or the reasonably low prices, but also the level of customization in terms of sizes, shapes and print modes. You can use transparency to your advantage as they use direct printing and play with light with their "Frost" effect where only 25% of the white is opaque, making them perfect for creating amazing visual effects using Play lighting and getting the best fit acrylic glass paintings from a single source.

PRO TIP: Acrylic prints aren't the only option, Pictorem is also at the top of our listbest canvas printsEThe best companies for metal printing!

At Pictorem, they understand that creating beautiful wall art should be accessible to everyone, and they work hard to keep their prices affordable without compromising on quality. Although they don't offer face-mounted printing services or use the more expensive acrylic, they still deliver the best results; Plus, their excellent customer service makes the process easy for professionals and beginners alike.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Lots of customization options
  • Fastest shipping


  • Does not offer face-mounted prints

2. Best Budget Acrylic Printer - Canvas Champion

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (15)

  • Price – From $30 – $50 (12×18 inches)
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Resizing and Customization - Yes [From 8 × 8 to 48 × 48 inches] Customization of shapes, sizes and formats
    • Our result: 8/10
  • Print Options - Direct Print
    • Our result: 8/10
  • Back Panel and Mounting - No back panel options, two mounting options available
    • Our result: 7/10
  • Shipping - $9.99 and free on orders over $90, 6-8 business days
    • Our result: 9/10

About CanvasChamp

If you're looking for a more affordable option, the Canvas Champ is for you. They have the lowest price on the market and an extensive range of wall decorations at very low prices.

In addition to its competitive pricing, Canvas Champ also offers a variety of customization options to make your prints one of a kind. You can choose from a variety of wall art sizes and formats, such as photo collages and mosaics. Adding text, quotes or any text to your photos is another option that Canvas Champs offers.

We decided to order a print that was familiar to us, an image of the interior of a New York subway. The seat colors were sharp and vibrant, as was the stainless steel, and contrasted well with the plexiglass:

TeacherThe 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (16)

CanvasChamp offers discounts of up to 70% on the first print, with an additional 15% off additional prints; They also sell canvas and metal prints at lower prices. If you encounter any issues, you'll find that their customer service is second to none and they won't hesitate to replace or refund your order if you're not happy with your print.


  • cheapest company
  • High quality and customization options
  • great customer service


  • Does not offer face-mounted prints
  • Doesn't offer backup options

3. Best Quality Acrylic Prints - BumbleJax Acrylic Print

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (17)

selection criteria

  • Price – From $143 – $214 (12×18 inches)
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Sizing and Customization – Yes [From 7 × 7 to 40 × 30 inches]. Thickness, acrylic quality, shape and paper.
    • Our result: 7/10
  • Druckoptionen – Face-mounting
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Bracket and Mount: Dibond Bracket, two different mounting options
    • Our result: 8/10
  • Shipping: Worldwide shipping upon request, 10% off order, 5-10 business days
    • Our result: 8/10

About BumbleJax

Bumblejax is a Seattle-based print shop specializing in the production of high-quality photo prints and wall art; They offer a variety of products including prints on metal, canvas and bamboo, but are best known for their stunning acrylic prints.

They are one of the few companies to offer Tru-Life Acrylic, known for reducing glare by up to 25% without compromising image quality, protecting the print from UV rays, being scratch resistant and easy to clean. They also give you the option of printing the job on metallic photo paper and using a less expensive (up to 50%) anti-reflective acrylic.

Bumblejax also offers great customer service and a user-friendly website. They have a team of experts who can guide you through the ordering process and answer all of your questions. They also offer free consultations and samples or mockups to help you visualize what the finished product will look like.

Bumblejax's products aren't the cheapest on the market; However, they are totally worth the investment as their quality is second to none. Whether you're a professional photographer looking to get your work printed or just looking for quality wall art that will make a statement in any room, you can never go wrong with Bumblejax.


  • high quality prints
  • pressure in the house
  • Uses high quality acrylic inks (Tru-Life) and photo paper


  • on the expensive side
  • Sizes are limited

4. Best International Acrylic Painting Company - White Wall Acrylic Prints

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (18)

selection criteria

  • Price – From $156 – $235 (12×18 inches)
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Sizing and Customization – Yes [from 6 × 4 to 114 × 70 inches]. Thickness, quality of acrylic and paper.
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Druckoptionen – Face-mounting
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Bracket and Mount: Dibond Bracket, two different mounting options
    • Our result: 8/10
  • Shipping: International Shipping, $14.95, 9-12 business days
    • Our result: 7/10

over the white wall

WhiteWall is a world-renowned print service provider offering high-quality prints on a variety of media; Distinguished by their incredible attention to detail and professional work, they have earned an excellent reputation among photographers, galleries and artists for providing exceptional service and using only the highest quality materials.

In addition to its outstanding reputation, WhiteWall has also received the TIPA World Award for "Best Photo Lab" several times; TYPE(Technical Image Press Association) is an independent organization representing magazines in the photographic and printing industries.

At White Wall you can choose between different types of acrylic prints, each with its own particularities. Their bestseller uses a high-quality photo print mounted under acrylic glass (you can choose the thickness and photo paper);

You can also find UltraHD Photo Print, which uses Fuji Crystal archival paper; UltraHD Metallic Photo Print and Matte Acrylic Print, which can be found in the Specialized Department and are priced higher.

Larger formats are only available for their Fine-Art Pigment and White Wall Masterprint prints, which are made by printing with archival inks (Glicee Printing) instead of developing photosensitive photo paper with LEDs and can be in sizes up to 196 × 94 inches.


  • excellent reputation
  • award-winning company
  • Museum quality materials


  • on the expensive side
  • Shipping takes longer than usual

5. Best Large Format Acrylic Printer - Bay Photo Acrylic Print Company

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (19)

selection criteria

  • Price – From $78 – $164 (12×18 inches)
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Sizing and Customization – Yes [From 4 × 4 to 43 × 96 inches]. Thick, acrylic and paper finish.
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Druckoptionen – Face-mounting
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Bracket and Mount: Dibond and paper bracket, three different mounting options
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Shipping: US, International upon request, $19.99, 12-15 business days
    • Our result: 8/10

About Bay Photo Labs

Bay Photo Lab is another excellent choice for professional print jobs. They have been around for over 40 years and have built a solid reputation for providing quality photo prints.

In 2013 they launched their acrylic printing line and since then they have grown to become one of the most trusted online acrylic printing services. Their interface is user-friendly and they have a wide range of customization tools to create the perfect piece for you.

They use high quality materials and have great customer service along with their BayROES ordering software which allows you to customize your prints to a whole different level, create multiple items using your photos or prepare packages for customer approval if you are one. professional.

Although shipping takes a little longer, make sure you get a fantastic print, and if you have a problem with your product, the customer service team will take care of it quickly.


  • very experienced company
  • Excellent ordering software
  • Incredible quality and customer service
  • not so expensive


  • Processing and delivery times are long

6. Best Custom Acrylic Printer - Artbeat Studios

The 6 Best Acrylic Printing Companies of 2023 - Artlex (20)

selection criteria

  • Price – From $119 – $187 (12×18 inches)
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Sizing and Customization – Yes [From 8 × 8 to 40 × 60 inches]. Thickness, shape, size and pressure adjustment
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Printing options – direct printing via UV printer
    • Our result: 9/10
  • Support and Assembly: Acrylic, Sintra and Paper, three different assembly options.
    • Our score: 10/10
  • Shipping: Free in the US and Canada, 9-10 business days
    • Our score: 10/10

About Artbeat Studio

If you are looking for attention to detail and high quality acrylic and metal prints, Artbeat Studios is the perfect choice for you. They offer not only a wide range of sizes, but also different finishes and media options, allowing you to customize your print and make it more durable and resistant.

All of your prints are made from cast acrylic with UV protection, which ensures high resolution and durability. You have the option of choosing an anti-reflective finish for an additional cost, as well as choosing between paper, clear acrylic for a 360° optic or Sintra for the back.

What we liked most about Artbeat Studios was its user interface, which was the best we've seen so far and allowed us to preview the different thicknesses, finishes, backgrounds and mounts for its print from all angles. They even offer professional framing for an additional fee.


  • Great UI
  • High adaptability in many aspects
  • high quality materials
  • pressure in the house


  • on the expensive side
  • Processing and shipping take longer than other companies


In summary, there are many great options when it comes to acrylic printing services. Each company has its own unique style, pricing, and features that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a budget option or a top-notch, quality service, there's a company that can deliver.

From CanvasChamp's unbeatable prices and Bumblejax's designer ranges to WhiteWall's award-winning quality and Bay Photo Lab's attention to detail, there's something for everyone.

Don't forget to consider important factors like customization options, sizing, mounting and especially support options to ensure you get the best acrylic print to suit your needs.

With all these great options, you're sure to find the perfect acrylic paint to bring a touch of elegance and personality to any room.

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