The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (2023)

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80. "Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" (2023) 79. Scream VI (2023) 78. Cooking Mouse King (2007) 77. Bob and the Stars Go to Vista Del Mar (2019) 76. Good Luck, Rio Grande (2022) 75. Good Guys (2019) 74. "Bend It Like Beckham" (2003) 73. Crazy Rich Asians (2018) 72. “Bad Luck Banging eller Looney Porn” (2021) 71. "Chicken Run" (2000) 70. Tales of the Wild (2014) 69. Bad Grandpa (2013) 68. "World's Greatest Dad" (2009) 67. "Kung Fu Hustle" (2004) 66. The Climb (2019) 65. Joker (2010) 64. The Bachelorette (2012) 63. "40 Years Old Edition" 62. Sorry to Bother You (2018) 61. Borat Aftermath (2020) 60. "Paddington 2" 59. "A Pigeon Sitting on a Branch and Reflecting on Existence" (2014) 58. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) 57. Bad Trip (2021) 56. "Xia Fengyi" (2013) 55. The Tenenbaums (2001) 54. The Lego Movie (2014) 53. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) 52. The Fragrance of Books (2019) 51. Palm Springs (2020) 50. Body Body (2022) 49. "Support the Girls" (2018) 48. "One Cut" (2017) 47. "21 Jump Street" (2012) 46. ​​Barbershop (2002) 45. Adaptation (2002) 44. Horizontal (2004) 43. Green Grass (2019) 42. "Dear White People" (2014) 41. Kiss Kiss Lollipop (2005) 40."In the Loop" (2009) 39. Forever Jackass (2021) 38. School of Rock (2003) 37. "Popstar: Never Stop" (2016) 36. Stepbrothers (2008) 35. "What are we doing in the dark"(2014) 34. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010) 33. Lady Bird (2017) 32. The Lego Batman Movie (2017) 31. "Game Night" (2018) 30. "The Big Sick" (2017) 29. "Standing Tiger" (2018) 28. Neighbors (2014) 27. Burn After Reading (2008) 26. The Obvious Child (2014) 25. "Oh Brother, Where Are You?" (2000) 24. "Forty-Year-Old Virgin" (2005) 23. "Idiot" (2006) 22. "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" (2004) 21. "I am Bruges" (2008) 20. "Girl's Journey" (2017) 19. Supervillain (2007) 18. "Team America: World Police" (2004) 17. Hot and Wet American Summer (2001) 16. "Tough Ride: The Dewey Cox Story" (2007) 15. "The Lobster" (2015) 14. "Hot Blood" 13. "McGruber" (2010) 12. Mean Girls (2004) 11. "Four Lions" (2010) 10. "Pixie" (2003) 9. The Death of Stalin (2017) 8. "Come With Polly" (2004) 7. The Host: Legends of Burgundy (2004) 6. "Force Majeure" (2013) 5. Bridesmaids(2011) 4. Shaun of the Dead (2004) 3. "Best of Show" (2000) 2. Borat (2006) 1. "Tony Erdmann" (2016) References

Now everything in the world is going the way it is, we keep laughingunpleasant feelingIn inspection. (Seriously. We updated this list and first published that phrase a few months ago, but our ability to laugh at the situation seems to be the only thing that has improved? Whoops!) At least in this weird, still very, very advanced century. has produced a string of riveting, goofy, biting and cynical comedies: always ready to fire when you need a serotonin burst or a distraction, thanks to a growing cadrestreaming service.

The pandemic may have taken the backseat of the U.S. federal government, but the specter of war, a tormented economy and human rights concerns around the globe preoccupied many. So some humor is desperately needed, and we think it's more important than ever to rethink our list of the greatest comedies of the 21st century, originally published in 2017. Since the list was originally published, we've expanded it to 80 entries, including titles worth including that have been published since then as well as others we somehow ignored for the first time. (Looking at you here, Ratatouille, welcome to the party, "Scream VI”)

As IndieWire has grown, so has this list, and as long as Hollywood continues to make movies that make us laugh, it will continue to do so. What else can you do?

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80. "Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" (2023)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (1)

Many of today's blockbusters share the same sense of humor: pop culture references, endless babble, and self-conscious dialogue that's more annoying than funny. So watching Dungeons and Dragons: A Rogue's Honor is a treat, watching an action movie that knows how to actually have fun. Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly's sequel 'Game Night' isn't an immediate classicMovieYes, but it's a placebo in a sea of ​​somber superhero movies, allowing its talented ensemble (Chris Pine as a consummate bumbling bard, Michelle Rodriguez as a memorable The Savages of Savage, Justice Smith and Sophia Ellis in Plum supporting roles and Hugh Grant (a cunning villain he can play in his sleep) kick asses as much as they laugh. But the film's strength is that it's not based on the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing game itself, but the experience of playing it with a group of friends. It's often a silly, messy experience, and Rogue Honor knows that the best way to respect the game is not to take it too seriously.-Toilet

79. Scream VI (2023)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (2)

Consider our suggestion that you create Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett for Wes Craven's critically acclaimed The latest addition to the Scream franchise, this homage to the killer comedy series. Just recently, Scream VI squeezed into our list of best comedies while its five less-funny predecessors did not, as the pinnacle of nearly two decades of gory brilliance in pop culture parodies . Some jokes get better the longer they're told, and the repeated reveals of ghost faces since 1996 are as anticipated and satisfying as the finale of "Scooby-Doo": "Scream VI" delivers a particularly good and bombastic- The over-the-top ending is both exciting and silly. The writer-directors of "Ready or Not" make the most of their New York City setting, and the film's next iteration oozes both chemistry and prop blood. Jenna Ortega delivers riveting and caustic performance as returning "Scream V" survivor Tara, but it's Jasmin Savoy Brown Brown's revenge on comic relief/resident rules explainer Mindy Meeks-Martin reminds us why the Scream horror-comedy formula works so well.-of

78. Cooking Mouse King (2007)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (3)

Pixar movies are usually funny, but Ratatouille deserves a mention because its premise has become a meme in itself; no other Disney movie can boast of being a multi-part joke in "everything at the same time" theme. Culinary-minded rodent Remy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) controls the movements of restaurant waiter Alfredo (Louis Romano) through a hair-rolling system to become a great chef, which is the film's entry into a colorful and A fun Parisian version of Window, a squabble of rats, a distraught restaurateur (Ian Holm) and a cute rom-com between Alfredo and Kebab Colette (Jenina Garofalo) And excellent physical comedy (watching Alfredo the Remy Puppeteer never gets old). Like most Pixar films, there's a lot of depth in the script about the nature of art and elitism, but if you want to see one of the company's films just for a laugh, this is the one for you.-Toilet

77. Bob and the Stars Go to Vista Del Mar (2019)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (4)

"Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar" is a goofy, insane spectacle, but it's more than enough has been made. On the surface, Josh Greenbaum's directorial debut appears to be a film based on the classic "Bridesmaids" from stars and writers Kristen Wiig and Anne Mumolo, and the remake of the blockbuster is worth a look. look. But when the two enter the crosshairs of Sharon Fisherman (Wiig, playing a dual role and looking genuinely crazy), the tale of these titular middle-aged heroes seeking to visit a Florida resort quickly takes on a life-like twist as Looney Tune's form unfolds: a megalomaniac who tries to murder everyone because of her trauma from living as a very pale child in Sunny Society. The jokes are really weirder than random: There's a talking crab named Norman Freemond! Floating culottes save Barb and Star's life! Reba McEntire plays a water sprite named Trish! ! ! It's the kind of comedy that will make you laugh out loud at the hilarious puzzles and genuine jokes; especially on Jamie Dorman's incredible "Edgar's Lament" song , establishing the "50 Shades" heartthrob as a shockingly talented comedian.-Toilet

76. Good Luck, Rio Grande (2022)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (5)

Sometimes you just need two opposites to make a comedy. "Good Luck, Rio Grande" is pretty much a two-person movie, focusing on tight-lipped widow Nancy (Emma Thompson) and male sex worker Leo (Darryl McCormick). ) a temporary but meaningful bond between them. Hiring within weeks. Rigid Nancy craves the experience in bed she never quite had, and forthright, charming Leo strikes straight, very funny banter as they bicker and discuss their shared history with their sexuality. It's an often cringe-worthy film, but it's lighthearted, sweet and earnest in its quietly aggressive exploration of a woman's attempts to relate to herself.-Toilet

75. Good Guys (2019)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (6)

Just imagine: your favorite Judd Apatow comedy shrunk down, with all the dirty jokes coming from teens. Sure, that might sound gimmicky, but Good Boys is by no means a typical tween movie. Jacob Tremblay hilariously leads this R-rated middle school comedy about the growth and development of his childhood friend group, the Bean Bag Boys. From first kisses to flying drones and biking to the mall to sell sex dolls, "The Good Boys" never stops laughing, and every joke is equally cute, thanks to a cast that includes Keith L. Cast including Dee Nunn, Lil Rey Howery, Will Forte and Molly Gordon. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg produce the directorial debut of The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who also co-wrote Stephen Merchant's "Hello Ladies" series. No matter how bad these middle school students are, they will always be "good", if not very good. Did Good Boy Single-Handedly Bring This R-Rated Tween Back To Life? We might dare to say so. —someone

74. "Bend It Like Beckham" (2003)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (7)

David Beckham's references -- from the title to himself blinking in the film's final feel-good moment -- may feel a bit dated, but Gurinder Chadha's winning rom-com Still as warm and uplifting as it was at Old Trafford when Beckham scored. This moving film delves into the plight of Sikhs in Punjab, England, and other issues of the day—while maintaining a loose spirit that keeps it grounded in comedy territory.

Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley are star-making characters who are good teammates and even better co-stars, keeping things alive even as they and their director make sure "Bend It Like Beckham" is anything but trivial. Growing up in London as part of the Indian diaspora, Chadha finds pain and beauty in her heroine's attempts to please her traditional parents while creating her own dual identity, a wonderful tonal balancing act that has never been Takes away the charm of the movie.-this

73. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (8)

The big strokes of Kevin Kwan's best-selling "Crazy Rich Asians" novel are familiar enough: It's a girl-meets-boy story — a girl-meets-boy family tale of chaos — — This genre is always ripe for a comedy. But Kwan's book, largely drawn from his own coming-of-age experiences in Singapore, turns the classic tale into a vivid love letter to modern Asian culture, full of unique characters and inspired by the country of one of the world's wealthiest nations. The striking place is the background country.

Jon M. Chu brought the material to the big screen in a groundbreaking studio film featuring an all-Asian American cast (the first film of its kind since "The Joy Luck Club" 25 years earlier). Part 1), is a work of love offered. In Kwan's book, collected in one very interesting package. Whether it's the back-and-forth banter between Wu and Awkwafina, or Michelle Yeoh's delightful menace in every line of dialogue, it's the chemistry of the cast that gives the film its comic power. Smiling in every scene is an essential viewing experience of "Crazy Rich Asians," which means the actors have you in their hands when they crack a joke. As far as contemporary romantic comedies go, Crazy Rich Asians is the most irresistible.-Z'S

72. “Bad Luck Banging eller Looney Porn” (2021)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (9)

Radu Jude's "Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn" begins with a sex tape gone awry in the restless streets of central Bucharest, along with tense questions about her divisive school teachers and society. Bigger worry. As the situation draws toward its conclusion, Jude proposes three very different endings to Amy's situation - and the third and craziest choice makes this whole strange attempt worth the wait: it all comes down to John Waugh Tess's grotesque rages and out-of-the-ordinary wish-fulfillments work on too many levels to spoil here, other than to say they involve a chilling fantasy of female empowerment that hasn't been shown before. —I

71. "Chicken Run" (2000)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (10)

Aardman Animations' first feature film largely reminds audiences of the wild fascination of the field of stop-motion animation and the crazy minds behind it. Peter Lord and Nick Park's comedy is a creepy, ramshackle queer human adventure about a bunch of farm chickens who realize - er, what? - They're turning into mince pies.

It's a classic tale, full of bird humor, more than you'd ever shake in a chicken coop, and filled with the warmth and love that runs through Aardman's writing. Are you interested in chickens? After watching this feel-good racy little piece, how could you not. (Apologies to those who had to answer some big questions about the ethics of eating animals after showing this to young adults, but hey, comedy can learn, too.) As of last June, the long-rumored sequel appeared to be out. Thanks to Netflix and Aardman's continuing production deal, it's finally ready to show its stuff on the big screen.-this

70. Tales of the Wild (2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (11)

Damian Szifron's Argentinian ode to the chaos of life, with its erratic tonal shifts, defines Bong Joon Ho's best work. But this fearlessly riveting collection of six Spanish-language shorts also underscores something else: the precision required to do comedy well -- kinesthetic control of the viewer's nervous system -- versus building suspense and terror. The precision required is exactly the same. A short film about a road rage incident that got so out of hand that laughter was the only final reaction captures this in particular. Like the first installment, "Pasternak," everyone on the plane discovers they know the same guy. White finger horror and punchlines can be the same thing. The final short, a wedding that devolves into accusations and infidelity while the reception guests are still reveling, takes this cringe-worthy comedy to the extreme.

The ultimate "laugh because you don't know other feelings" film, "Wild Tales" is also a showcase for storytelling economy and strong characterization. What is an ex-con's response when asked why she is in jail? "I don't regret anything I do." There is no better exhibition. In fact, seven years after "Wild Tales," Sivran finally has a sequel, and his English-language debut "Misanthrope" should give us hope that we'll be thrilled again soon.—CB

69. Bad Grandpa (2013)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (12)

Johnny Knoxville's prosthetic immersion as cheeky grandfather Irving Zisman was so impressive that makeup artist Stephen Prouty was awarded Nominated for the 86th Academy Awards. Jeff Tremaine's typically flashy "Jack" spinoff follows Owen and his impressionable grandson (Jackson Nicholl) on a cross-country journey that connects them with society. Pair up with the meanest and most unexpected people on the planet. Cameos from behind-the-scenes "Jackass" alumni Spike Jonze and even Catherine Keener (though left on the cutting room floor) make for another fun experience that pushes good and bad taste to the brink. —RL

68. "World's Greatest Dad" (2009)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (13)

"World's Greatest Dad" ranks alongside "Four Lions" in the pantheon of recent films that turn the most uninteresting subject on the planet into undisputed comedic gold. Not every movie finds a way to tell a touching and genuinely funny story about suicide, but not every movie has the talent of Robin Williams either. When Williams' son dies in an embarrassing sexual accident, he does one last act of good parenting, trying to hide the details in a way that makes his son's memory more precious than ever. The material showcases Williams' comedic and dramatic chops well, fearlessly managing to examine the eerie nature of posthumous celebrity worship without ever seeming offensive. While the theme of "World's Greatest Dad" takes on a sadder backdrop in the wake of Williams' tragic suicide, there's no reason why we shouldn't appreciate the great work he does when we're around. —long march

67. "Kung Fu Hustle" (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (14)

The worldwide success of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" paved the way for the craze of early martial arts movies (what a wonderful time to be alive!) and has remained in the genre for decades, few like Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu Hustle" Vivid, and not as funny as this. Executed with the precision of a katana sword (or at least a giant axe), a period feast of laughs and cartoony bad CG Zhou recreates 1940s Shanghai, part Shaw Brothers, part Looney Tunes, The filmmaker stars alongside Lin Zhizhong as a villain who dreams of joining the violent gang that rules their city with an iron fist.

The premise sets up all sorts of mischievous shenanigans (the protagonist's failed attempt to rob an ice cream vendor is tragicomedy at its best), but it's during the fight scenes that "Kung Fu" gets a sort of revelation. Pure jokes, it's hard to beat two guzheng assassins using the power of music to kill three kung fu masters, only to be defeated by a smoking mistress who hangs out downstairs messing around by incinerating everyone casually Hair Curls. Pure cinema.-of

66. The Climb (2019)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (15)

The premise of "The Climb" has been told so many times that it's a small miracle that it works: Two lifelong friends test the limits of their friendship when a woman stands between them. Yet Michael Covino's riveting directorial debut takes up the challenge with startling cinematic ambition, resulting in a brilliant reinvention of the bro comedy. Testosterone-fueled dude flicks have dominated filmmaking in recent years, from the Duplass brothers to "stepbrothers," but "The Climb" turns that trope into a whole new landscape of drunken showdowns and awkward laments , thus winning a tragicomedy of his own design. —I

65. Joker (2010)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (16)

There may be better erotic comedies, and there may be better parenting comedies, but no movie in recent memory has combined the two quite like "Joker." This Danish blockbuster is about a total dork who, after finding out his girlfriend is pregnant, takes a 12-year-old boy on a very grown-up "boys trip" in an attempt to convince his girlfriend (and himself) He can be a father. Mikkel Nørgaard, with great help from his stellar stars Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, distills a million funny scenes from a simple premise, resulting in some of the best cringe comedy produced on both sides of the Atlantic this century. —long march

64. The Bachelorette (2012)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (17)

Leslye Headland's often gritty comedy about a bachelorette party, high school best friends gone awry has a lot going for it -- but its MVP is Kirsten Dunst , she's a nervous careerist who breaks down in a night of drinking, cocaine and a load of drugs in a degrading orgy that begins with blood on her wedding dress. The bride, played by Rebel Wilson, is gathering her best friends, played by Dunst, the smoking-addicted, rebellious Liz Kaplan and the "sly" Isla Fisher who have completely lost their minds . Nearly a decade later, the unhinged and fearless "Bachelorette," based on Hedland's own play and set on a dark night of lost souls, is ripe for cult cult status despite its Its run was unfairly short in 2012. ——RL

63. "40 Years Old Edition"

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (18)

Radha Blank won the 2020 Sundance Film Festival Award for Directing in the American Drama category, and it's no wonder: It's a black-and-white comedy that says something vivid, fresh and new. Blank stars as a version of himself who is a playwright but hasn't produced one of his plays in a long time. She'll probably cherish it even more for winning the 30 Under 30 award. "I just want to be an artist!" she sobs at one point. But that's hard to do when she's under pressure to write "The Harriet Tubman Musical" --Things Blank is asked to do in real life—A middle-aged white male producer told her that her work was "unreal... I asked myself, was it written by black people?" So Radha ended up recording a rap mix under the name Radhamus Prime belt, and found a new creative outlet. Blank delivers one of the definitive "laugh or cry" comedies of the 21st century.—CB

62. Sorry to Bother You (2018)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (19)

Possibly the weirdest comedy on this list, Boots Riley's directorial debut, Sorry to Bother You, is, in the director's words, an "absurd black comedy with magical realism and a sci-fi twist inspired by telemarketing." world". However, that really only scratches the surface of the movie. With a talented cast led by Lex Stanfield and Tessa Thompson, the film centers on Stanfield's Cash, a young black telemarketer with a white accent who succeeds at work. That was before the movie became an allegory about corporate greed, a scathing commentary on income inequality and modern-day slavery, and an absurd romp on the boulevard of genetic manipulation.

But at the end of the day, what makes this film so special is Riley's one-of-a-kind vision: It's not an exaggeration to say that there is no other film that comes close to Sorry to Bother You. Here's a huge trigger warning for potential first-time viewers: This movie has Armie Hammer in it. And, as far as we know, his performance in this movie is flawless.— lag

61. Borat Aftermath (2020)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (20)

Sasha Baron Cohen emerges from "myyyy wifeee" and turns to the 2020 presidential campaign to reflect on what's happening in America today. "Borat 2" (or "Borat Subsequent Movie") is full of political stunts, pranks and celebrity interviews, including an oft-controversial scene involving Rudy Giuliani. This time, Borat (Cohen) is accompanied by his 15-year-old daughter Tutar (Oscar nominee Maria Bakalova), whom he plans to sell as a child bride to Vice President Mike Pence. The absurdity only takes off from there when Tutar travels in a metal cage and visits an anti-abortion clinic. Fact meets fiction as Borat sabotages Pence's CPAC speech and Tutar interviews Giuliani. The ugliness only comes after the laughs, as we realize that jokes are inevitable in all of us. —someone

60. "Paddington 2"

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (21)

While it may no longer be the best-reviewed movie of all time — the name of an old pop-up book stolen from an antique shop in London — Paul King's Paddington 2 is still one of the funniest . 21st century. Bridging the gap between the CGI and silent film era, this heartfelt story of love and belonging is bursting with comic wit from its Peruvian-set prologue to the inimitable score. Ben Whishaw's melodious voice as everyone's favorite bear makes Paddington the perfect straight man, from a chase sequence tribute to Harold Lloyd, to Charlie From Charlie Chaplin's tribute to the prison bar, to Buster Keaton's better-than-ever Bike finale.

However, for a movie with such a big-name star at its center, Paddington 2 is really brought to life by its supporting cast. Brendan Gleeson as prison cook Nax McGinty? iconic. Julie Walters as the suspicious Lady Bird? a legend. Hell, Richard Ayoade is only on screen for about 15 seconds, but he still manages to deliver some pure comedic gold. Still, it goes without saying that in this film or any other, nobody can top Hugh Grant's majestic performance as the villain Phoenix Buchanan, an outdated actor who firmly believes that doing anything for a captive audience will ultimately elevate" Paddington 2 enters the pantheon of great comedies.-of

59. "A Pigeon Sitting on a Branch and Reflecting on Existence" (2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (22)

Many of the best comedies of this young century rely on dialogue to deliver their laughs. There isn't as much humor incorporated into the scene design, and visual gags are more compelling than one-liners. Roy Andersson is one of the few people who has achieved this. The Finnish master staged absurdly vivid images in "Song from the Second Floor" and "You, the One Who Lives," but "A Pigeon Perched on a Branch Reflecting Existence" is the embodiment of his deadpan style. When a ferry passenger dies on the floor of the ship's restaurant, the big question is: who's going to drink his completely untouched beer? After all, why waste it? That incident reflected his obtuse view of human nature.

The vignettes keep coming: the ever-changing sequence of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in a beer hall is repetitive comedy that will leave you breathless with laughter. Why is the Battle Hymn of the Republic sung in a beer hall in Gothenburg? Don't ask why. Just open up to Anderson's unparalleled wavelength.—CB

58. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (23)

IndieWire ranks Forgetting Sarah Marshall as one of the greatest romantic comedies and one of the best breakup movies. Double Honor is, what, held up like another movie? 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' doesn't just have a stellar cast - Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Russell Brand and Bill Hader -- and the comedy hits the perfect note between WTF, steeped in heartbreak, sad burlap, and gleeful new romance. The 2008 comedy stars Segel (who also wrote the screenplay) as TV music director Peter, who attempts the impossible: a trip to Hawaii to get rid of his actress ex-girlfriend Sarah (Bell). Turns out Sarah is also staying at the same resort as her new favorite rock star (Bland). As Peter tries at all costs to forget Sarah, a series of horrific encounters ensues, with the concierge (Kunis) helping him get back on track. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is undeniably a classic -- what other movie ends with a vampire puppet musical? - a pretty easy pick for our list of the best comedies. —someone

57. Bad Trip (2021)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (24)

Directed by Kitao Sakurai from a screenplay that Sakurai co-wrote with Dan Curry and star Eric Andre, "Bad Trip" is the best hidden camera movie compared to "Bad Grandpa: The Other" The highly inappropriate road trip comedy also makes it on this list. The Netflix original set to air follows Chris (Andre) and his best friend Bud (Lil Rel Howery) on a mission astray to reunite Chris with his high school sweetheart Maria (Michael Conlin). After "borrowing" a relative's car for a cross-country trip, the couple is hunted by Trina (Tiffany Haddish): Bud's deranged sister who just happens to be a criminal who just escaped.

Like the "Jackass" franchise, "Bad Trip" succeeds because of the amount of behind-the-scenes work that went into pulling off such high-stakes stunts. From Andre slapping a customer's butt in front of a car wash to a truly chilling encounter with a so-called "gorilla" at a children's zoo, the antics audiences endure in "Bad Trip" need to be seen.-of

56. "Xia Fengyi" (2013)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (25)

Stories of "charming but unremarkable artists trying to grow up" have been standard indie film territory since time immemorial. By 2012, Hipster Hero's Journey had come to an end, and it was hard to avoid the feeling. But "Frances Ha" has an ace that films of its kind lack: Greta Gerwig.

Noah Baumbach's film, co-written and starring Gerwig, is arguably the first film to unleash its true power on the world. This is a Pandora's box, and no one can close it after that. Her performance is brilliant as she brings so much joy to a character who frankly has no reason to be happy. Her devotion to her friends is so strong and her passion for dancing (even though she's only an apprentice) is so contagious that it's impossible to look away. At the same time, the film is brilliantly crafted and commented on, never shying away from the real issues of staring at Frances. The combination proves deadly: We totally understand why Frances shouldn't make these choices, but we can't help rooting for her. This pattern culminates in Frances taking a spontaneous trip to Paris as life around her crumbles; it's an amusing but heartbreaking attempt to emulate her friend's one-day success. But with her life going downhill, her passion for life is still finding a way to shine. —long march

55. The Tenenbaums (2001)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (26)

Think of all the images that come to mind in "The Royal Tenenbaums." Ben Stiller with his two boys in red tracksuits; Luke Wilson on a boat; Gwyneth Paltrow in her bathtub (on a reggae album cover) had her fingers chopped off); Gene Hackman in the elevator of the Lindbergh Palace Hotel; Dalmatian rats. Wes Anderson uses imagery to define his characters, as any comedy director would. Bringing their world to life makes you believe in them and care deeply about their struggles. "Tenenbaums" is one of Anderson's most poignant works: "Why don't you care about us, Royal?" asks Angelica Houston's Etherine about her estranged husband (Hackman). "Why do you care?" Anderson is often wistful in his films, but it's especially poignant at the idea of ​​a chance to connect, brag about it, and then desperately try to make up for lost time years later. But here's the thing: There's no sad movie that makes you laugh more, and in some cases, it's laughs are years ahead of its time, especially with the cut parody of The Charlie Rose Show.—CB

54. The Lego Movie (2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (27)

independent linecalled 2014SecondthisLegoMovie“”review evidence,partly because of its inescapably positive attitudeand,letIt's real, cute animation. Emmett (voiced by Chris Pratt) is having fun as an anonymous construction workerLegoThe monotonous occupation of the city is greeted with a smile every day. However,After meeting Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks), EmmettIn order to save the world, the world has been turned upside downLegoCity from its villainous business president (Will Ferrell). heavy humor indeedthisLegoMovieOddly, more for adults than kids, and EmmettAn existential exploration of purpose can be connected in darker ways. asindependent lineReview includes,Emmett never thinks outside the box: he is the box, and his ordinaryness runs deep.thissmart and funnyThe movie reminds viewers to break any mold with a smile. —someone

53. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (28)

From opening to "The Grand Budapest Hotel"You know you're in Wes Anderson land. It's lush, beautiful, colorful, tweeted and totally fake - even when the filmmakers were looking for the cable car in Karlovy Vary. And it's a rib buster , with a sprawling ensemble of bearded and spinning comedians - led by the extraordinary Ralph Fiennes, as the legendary hotel concierge, Monsieur Gustave - crammed into every nook and cranny. Set during the interwar period In the turbulent times between, this meandering, roaming, multi-timeline tale is immensely entertaining, especially thanks to Anderson's favorite Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Adrienne The return of Ann Brody, Jason Schwartzman and Harvey Keitel. They knew exactly what was needed and gave it to him.-exist

52. The Fragrance of Books (2019)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (29)

Olivia Wilde's directorial debut is the best modern mash-up of "Supervillain" and "Bridesmaids" and countless others about the glory of close friendship and raunchy comedy, and it's not just about smart girls, bad high school and last nights Carol. Slutty, it's also fun. Screenwriter Katie Silberman, originally inspired by the "Blacklist" script from a decade ago (which was more focused on the crazy romantic possibilities of a pair of high-achieving students at the end of high school), made a big difference to the material. The rendition of The Set brings a new twist to the classic. Best friends forever, Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) spend their high school years reading and shrugging off all social gatherings (of course, sleepovers and necessary political protests). All want to use all their efforts to get the highest score. Everything is going according to their plan.

But they found it was also inappropriate for others who had not stayed for four years. Given the "last night to do something cool" and "big big party" arcs, the dynamic duo lovingly follows the dynamic duo as they try to make up for lost time. The contemporary style helps enhance an already heartfelt and very funny movie about two nice girls trying to make it bad (Amy is a lesbian whose high school is convincingly diverse, Teenagers are treated like real people). Meanwhile, Feldstein and Dever's relationship (which also exists off-screen) heightens the film's emotion and sense of humor at every turn. With razor-sharp direction, lightning-fast editing and a stunning score, this is a high school classic in the making.-this

51. Palm Springs (2020)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (30)

'Groundhog Day' meets 'Plus One' in 'Palm Springs', with Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg trapped in a time-loop rom-com that ends with us Feeds on existential fear while looking for a partner to waste. Max Barbakow's film made history at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, fittingly premiering in a year when quarantine made "Palm Springs"'s turn feel like a prophecy. "Imagine being trapped in an eternally still purgatory where meaningful change can only be seen through the eyes of the sad bastard who suffers alongside you," wrote IndieWire's David Ehrlich in his review. "Imagine being surrounded by a million strangers in a world of infinite possibilities, where every night ends the same way because a decisive choice seemed like a good idea a million years ago. Imagine...  Get married." In fact, "Palm Springs" revolves around one wedding event after another, like "The Melancholia" inverted. —someone

50. Body Body (2022)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (31)

Director Halina Reijn's "Bodies Bodies Bodies" has an innately adept style of online comedy, twisting trapping digital discourse into life-or-death paranoia. Based on a story by Kristen Roupenian -- the author of the 2017 cult short story "Cat People" -- and written by Sarah DeLappe, this 2022 slasher follows a group of nervous friends (Amandla Stenberg, Myha'la Herrold, Chase ... Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott, Conner O'Malley, Pete Davidson) and their significant others (Lee Pace, Maria Bakalova) at a "hurricane party" that quickly turns into a darkly hysterical detective.-of

49. "Support the Girls" (2018)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (32)

Another reminder of just how great an actress she is, Regina Hall played the general manager of an owl-like breast milk shop called Double Whammies in Andrew Bujalski's "Support Girls," a No-nonsense ensemble comedy about working-class women supporting each other while avoiding horny men, competing chain stores (ManCave) and the pitfalls of late capitalism. A film that unfolds at its own pace and rewards multiple viewings, the real joy of "Supporting the Girls" is watching the aforementioned ensemble (especially Hall's Lisa, Haley Lu Richardson's March and Shanna McHale's Dani Er) navigating the service industry and their own lives.— lag

48. "One Cut" (2017)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (33)

Ueda Shin'ichirô's "One Cut of the Dead" is a tongue-in-cheek, low-budget, high-concept entry that's arguably the best zombie comedy since "Shaun of the Dead" went viral. Ueda's self-reflective pleasure unfolds as a wicked cross between "Day and Night" and "Diary of the Dead," honoring and humiliating zombie movies in equal measure (and in that order). The infectious fun begins with 37 minutes of masterful but oddly random long takes that confuse your expectations from beginning to end as actors on a horror movie set mistake real zombies for actors. You may think you know where things are going, but trust us - you don't. Reveling in its own DIY energy and deeply loving what it does, "One Cut of the Dead" is a hilarious ode to the chaos (and compromise) of genre filmmaking; the kind of movie you'll want to pick up camera, call a friend, and die laughing as you document the end of the world your way.-of

47. "21 Jump Street" (2012)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (34)

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum bring the 1980s show 21 Jump Street to life. The young police duo go undercover to infiltrate a drug cartel as high schoolers, like "Never Been Kissed," but with guns and badges. Tatum and Hill's hilarious chemistry, from rival cops to best friends and now undercover as fake bros, accompanies this film as well as Ice-T as their boss and Brie Larson and Dave Franco as influential characters. An excellent performance by a troubled teen. Beware of a suspicious love triangle between a cop and a high school student; "21 Jump Street" is a wildly good time. —someone

46. ​​Barbershop (2002)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (35)

Tim Story's 2002 franchise hit follows a formula, delivering a unique slice of life that's as funny as it is heartfelt. With a strong cast including Ice Cube, Michael Ealy, Eve, Cedric the Entertainer, Keith David and Anthony Anderson, the smash hit could kick off an entire series, including spinoffs and TV shows, But even if it's its own unit, it deserves to be in the Commercial Comedy Hall of Fame. The specificity helps drive that appeal, as does a story with real stakes, and the story and its actors weave it all together with ease. What's better than sitting down at the local barbershop and listening to the gossip and jokes?-this

45. Adaptation (2002)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (36)

Charlie Kaufman's bizarrely reflexive twist on Susan Orleans' The Orchid Thief is the ultimate Don't Try It at Home screenwriter, and it's as smart as it gets And bittersweet, it's easy to forget how funny it is; between two Nicolas Cages, a murderous Meryl Streep, and a quick flashback to the Birth of the Universe, Donald Kauf The fun of things like Mann's pitch for "The Threesome" ("It's like a battle between engines and horses") tends to be swallowed up by anxiety on all sides. But like the film's twin protagonists, the desperation and hilarity of "The Adaptation" intertwine, and director Spike Jones pushes these polarizing energies toward each other until they erupt in an unhinged third act that is mind-blowing Dazzling embraces all the things that Kaufman worked so hard on. avoid. Few movies find such exciting ways to have their cake and eat their cake, let alone how bad they can be if everything goes right, are able to make people laugh.-of

44. Horizontal (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (37)

Many accompaniments work well with Sideways—delicate cheeses, grapes, existential dread—but absolutely nothing: damn Merlot. Led by one of the greatest performances of all time, but not Academy nominated (sniff all the snubs!), Alexander Payne's drunken drama is as likely to inspire buzzing introspection and swooning as any good glass of wine Lots of laughs. Paul Giamatti is almost the embodiment of middle-aged boredom, and Thomas Haden Church his unfaithful sidekick; though steeped in melancholy, their last hurrah in wine country raucousness is an ageless celebration.– Manganese

43. Green Grass (2019)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (38)

The world of "Greener Grass" feels so real and so recognizable, even as it grows increasingly absurd and alien. It's like Wes Anderson taking over an episode of Black Mirror, or David Lynch from "Wild Heart" suddenly directing an episode of "Desperate Housewives." Still, it's all original, brought to us in their directorial debuts by two brilliant comedians: Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Lube.

IFC Midnight snatches "Greener Grass" from the 2019 Sundance Film Festival: it's the definition of a midnight movie. Two housewives are best friends in the suburbs, where everyone wears pastels and deals in mean ways—until a decision, according to the idiosyncratic logic you'll find in "Greener Grass," to gift her children to another. Then another child suddenly turned into a dog. It's a satire on Keeping Up with Jones unlike anyone else. Well, maybe not quite. Love Kyle MacLachlan's Doogie and Jim Belushi's Rogue in Twin Peaks: The Return? Imagine an entire movie. As a film that sounds unique and stylish, "Greener Grass" is above all funny. Here's the writer laughing the hardest at Sundance.—CB

42. "Dear White People" (2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (39)

Justin Simien's directorial debut, Dear White People, heralds many things for 2014: First, a great new black man — and queer! - Voices in American movies. Second, a razor-sharp look at the fragile interior of a prestigious Ivy League university through the lens of different colors. And third, it sparked the launch of the wildly popular Netflix series based on the movie in 2017. The Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award winner profiled the talented talent that was just entering Hollywood at the time, including Tessa Thompson as a conflicted activist and radio host and later in "Chi-Raq" Like Thompson, he made his way into the MCU before Beale Street Could Talk. Even for its astute observations of racist transgressions within the posh Winchester school, the film is entertaining, bolstered by its award-winning ensemble.—RL

41. Kiss Kiss Lollipop (2005)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (40)

It's always Christmas in a Sean Black movie, and our favorite gift this holiday season is watching Robert Downey Jr. As a rough-and-tumble thief named Harry Lockhart, he makes the mistake of auditioning for a movie while evading the police. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" cemented RDJ's comeback in 2005, and "Iron Man" came out three years later and boosted his career. Dark comedy meets black comedy, Kiss Kiss Lollipop also stars Michelle Monaghan as Harry's childhood sweetheart Harmony Lane, and Val Kilmer as the private eye hired to track Harry down. Fun fact: The film is named after Pauline Kael's 1968 collection of film reviews, so yes, all the cinephile easter eggs are intentional. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" parodies not just action movies but Southern California-style neo-noir, where Harry learns that not everyone in L.A. gets a Hollywood ending. —someone

40."In the Loop" (2009)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (41)

Armando Iannucci's "In the Loop" poignantly examines the very weak preconditions that can lead to war in the modern era, and superimposes the absurd international game of telephone between the United States and Great Britain. "In The Loop," written by Iannucci, Jesse Armstrong (HBO's "Succession"), Simon Blackwell (FX's "Breeders"), and Tony writes Roche (he coined the term "omnishambles"). In an incredible performance, Peter Capaldi reprises his role as the quick-witted Malcolm Tucker from Iannucci's previous series "Thick of It," and takes on everyone, including but not limited to James Gandolfini's Lieutenant General George Miller, David Rasche's Linton Barwick and Mimi Kennedy's Karen Clark. Bridging the gap between "The Thick of It" and "Veep," "In the Loop" also stars Anna Chlumsky and Zach Woods, who will play similar but nominally different characters in Selina Meyer's Washington.— lag

39. Forever Jackass (2021)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (42)

The groin shot is to comedy what the 12-bar blues is to music: a simple building block, sure, but one that true masters of the art form understand to be perfect in its own right. No franchise understands this better than "Jackass," a media empire built on the idea that watching your friends get hurt can be really fun. After two years of social distancing and anxiety-inducing caution, Johnny Knoxville's unwavering disregard for safety in the name of comedy is a much-needed refresher on the silly joys of being alive. The stunts are great, but as always, the real humor comes from watching everyone's dizzy reactions to their friends in excruciating pain. The old "Fools" crew is as charming as ever, and the movie gets life from a new cast of young actors, bridging the gap between the MTV and TikTok crowds. The chemistry between the cast, and the good sportsmanship everyone puts into sacrificing a little bit of themselves is what separates "Jackass Forever" from many injury-related YouTube videos and makes it stand out as something truly special. —long march

38. School of Rock (2003)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (43)

No one has harnessed Jack Black's manic energy quite like Richard Linklater, whose first collaboration with the music-loving actor resulted in a decisive performance. Sweet, funny, and catchy, the movie's earworm inspired real rock schools to open across the country and teach impressionable kids the power of improvisation. That's good news, because some of the most important lessons -- like remembering to lead -- aren't found in the normal curriculum.– Manganese

37. "Popstar: Never Stop" (2016)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (44)

The Lonely Island guys have made a career out of making overlooked crime movies, but "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping" might be the most overlooked crime movie of them all. Downright silliness and jarring pop culture satire go hand in hand in this musical mockumentary, easily giving "It's a Spinal Tap" a run for its money. Andy Samberg is solid as the egotistical pop star, but it's The Island's sense of humor that really shines. Their wonderfully manic, one-minute joke style is just as funny here as it is in "Hot Rods," but somehow their short attention spans frustrate in the movie's world of narcissistic pop stars reality. The result is a feature film that's as entertaining as their best "SNL" skits, while still standing on its own as a story. Then you have songs. Any movie that gives you "Best Girl (Bin Laden Song)", "What's in My Jeep", and of course "Unbelievable Thoughts" deserves to be considered not only one of the greatest comedies of the century , and is one of its greatest musicals as well. —long march

36. Stepbrothers (2008)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (45)

Coming less than a year after "Rough Ride: The Dewey Cox Story," "The Stepbrothers" came out, further cementing John C. Reilly as Hollywood's most underrated The status of one of the comedic geniuses. Reilly takes on comedy veteran Will Ferrell in this middle-aged step-brother duel tale. But this is not a game. Ferrell and Reilly are a match made in comedy heaven, and their teenage bickering makes their immature seriousness about their characters all the more interesting. Ferrell and Reilly play stalled development without blinking an eye, so you can't help but fall in love with their hopeful and goofy characters Brennan and Dale.

But the comedic genius of "Stepbrothers" comes from throwing these two actors into the ring, with performances from Richard Jenkins, Mary Steenburgen, Adam Scott and comedy MVP Kathleen Hahn matching Ferrell and Lai. Leigh's comedy clashes and heightens it. Jenkins and Steenburgen don't act like they would in a comedy movie, making their long-suffering parents the perfect comic foil for Ferrell and Reilly. Kathryn Hahn is the opposite, and her sex-crazed Alice brings a manic quality to the film that actually tempers Dale and Brennan's insanity. It's this powerful comedic ensemble that makes Stepbrothers such a cult comedy classic.-Z'S

35. "What are we doing in the dark"(2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (46)

In many ways, Viago, Vladislav, Deacon, and Petyr are like other eccentric roommates: they fight over chores, enjoy nights together, try to turn unsuspecting victims into vampires, and battle a pack of wandering werewolves. pardon? This is of course the greatest joy of Taika Waititi and JemaineClement's painfully funny mockumentary: it gets close to its seemingly silly idea - the vampire! This is a very selfish stupid band! - very serious.

Both are a nice twist on the analog documentary format - why not use a genre that really relies on being thereIncorrectPlay Classic Legends in need of a little relaxation? — and a masterclass in great comedic acting, "What We Do in the Shadows" is brilliant on every level. Hell, this is a movie that makes fun of someone's interests, including "It's Cool," and it feels both silly and unbelievable. Vampires: They're just like us, but Waititi and Clement's comedic chops are cut from a completely different cloth.-this

34. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (47)

As Harold and Kumar head to White Castle, Tucker and Dale battle unimaginable horrors that are...themselves? Directed by Eli Craig from a script he co-wrote with Morgan Jurgenson, "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" defies the norm with a comedy of errors about two friendly rednecks (Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine) rescuing a young woman The hicksploitation trope (Katrina Bowden) drowns in a West Virginia river. Unfortunately, the woman's friends soon believed that she had been kidnapped by the mysterious man and decided to hunt down the suspect. The result is an unfortunate farce that is as bloody as it is silly.-of

33. Lady Bird (2017)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (48)

Oscar-nominated for writing and directing, Greta Gerwig's directorial debut features Irish actress Saoirse Ronan as Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, a woman longing to escape Sacramento Catholicism. The school's culture vulture, this is her third Oscar nomination. While searching for a local high school, her frustrated mother (Laurie Metcalfe) drives the teen so mad that she jumps out of a moving car. Tracy Letts is Lady Bird's grieving and loving father, while Lucas Hedges and Timothee Chalamet are her extremely loving Challenging romantic entanglements.

It's the best mother-daughter relationship comedy since "Terms of Love," but the emotional depth that drives the film is never too far from a well-deserved laugh. Gerwig's command of comedic timing is impeccable, from the opening memorable car jumping scene all the way to the thrilling finale. —exist

32. The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (49)

Chris McKay's "The Lego Batman Movie" is a cult parody that pokes fun at the superhero movie tropes (and the corporate synergy that fuels them) and has enough miles to beat them at their own game. Unsupervised grown men karate-cutting poor people through Halloween costumes" and ramped up loneliness, microwaved lobsters, and Lord of the Rings references until he was no less than "the greatest orphan of all time."

"The Lego Batman Movie" uses Will Arnett's guttural voice to temper the self-seriousness that always threatens to overwhelm the caped crusader. As the meme says: Guys really want to watch "Jerry Maguire" alone in the theater above their Batcave and giggle at the most dramatic parts before getting the treatment. This Bruce Wayne scoffs at the idea of ​​loving another human being because deep down he knows he'll be too afraid of losing them. Fortunately for him, the Joker appreciates the beauty of their feuding relationship, and when Batman tells his arch nemesis that he means nothing to him, it begins a gripping personal growth adventure that leads our nine Abbot Heroes learn that life is best when shared.

It doesn't hurt that this one is so full of jokes that you'll have a hard time processing them the first time you read it; you'll have to go back to the legendary "Not Another Teen Movie" or old-fashioned ones like "The Naked Gun" ZAZ classic to find a movie full of gags. Yet, for all solid zingers, there's still plenty of room between jokes for real emotion to seep in. When the DC legend finally admits to the Joker that he's "the reason I get up at four in the afternoon and pump iron until my boobs are really uncomfortable," it's hard to tell whether you're laughing-crying or crying-laughing.-of

31. "Game Night" (2018)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (50)

When a true murder mystery takes place between married couple Max (Jason Bateman) and Anne (Rachel McAdams) and their friends (played by Billy Magnussen, LaMoon Morris and Kelly Ben) Bury), a friendly couple's game night goes horribly wrong. It all starts when Max's older brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) accidentally sabotages their monthly game, and curious cop neighbor Gary (Jesse Plemons) begins to suspect that a real crime may be afoot. "'Game Night' is refreshing," wrote IndieWire's Steve Green in his review. "With this group of characters with varying comedic sensibilities, there's certainly enough laughs here to act as the glue to keep the entire extended drama from falling apart." —someone

30. "The Big Sick" (2017)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (51)

Nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani weave their harrowingly true love story into a razor-sharp and successful comedy, Tell the story of a courtship that begins with a culture clash and survives a coma. After Gordon and Nanjiani wrote the script as an intense form of couples therapy, Uber producer Judd Apatow and director Michael Showalter fleshed out the script, casting Zoe Kazan in love with the Pakistani-American comedy Young woman of actor and Uber driver (Nanjiani). While she was in the hospital, her parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano) learned to appreciate her tortured lover's devotion to their Sleeping Beauty before she was resurrected.-exist

29. "Standing Tiger" (2018)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (52)

R-rated, sex-positive teen comedy "Blockers" could be compared to a female version of "American Pie." But what is a "female version" thing? IndieWire's Eric Kohn writes that Kay Cannon's "inspired comedy" puts as much emphasis on parents as it does on children as it traces prom night's multiple storylines around a group of friends high. Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz and John Cena are parents trying to keep their daughters from having sex on their big graduation night, but their teens - played by Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon and Geraldine Viswanathan - have made a pact to lose their virginity . "Their parents' compulsive behavior revealed more about their own insecurities than any real danger to their children," Cohen wrote. "It's a neat inversion of the usual teen sex comedy dynamic, because no one really does anything terribly wrong, and for the most part the kids are fine. We've come a long way since the days of John Hughes WAY: Sexual political "blocks" have been carefully mapped out so that attacking creepy people crossing the line is impossible. But that's part of the point: Parents will expect the worst, partly because they don't understand sex Impulsive teens don’t actually do anything wrong because they want to go all the way, and when they realize they’ve gone too far in their mission, it’s too late to back down.” Fortunately, at the same time our laughter None need to be suppressed. -someone

28. Neighbors (2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (53)

Like his mentor, Judd Apatow, on Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, Superbad and Pineapple Express (Pineapple Express), Seth Rogen is a jack of all trades: he writes, acts, produces and directs. He and partner Evan Goldberg developed and produced "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" director Nicholas Stoller's cheeky, R-rated "Neighbours," a well-crafted modern slapstick comedy starring Rogen and " Bridesmaids" star Rose Byrne stars as sassy young parents with an adorable baby. They've never been this much fun. When a rowdy frat house dominated by muscular leading man Zac Efron moves next door, the neighbors initially try to get along, but soon become embroiled in all-out war.-exist

27. Burn After Reading (2008)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (54)

Never underestimate the ability of Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich and George Clooney to play lovable perky morons. This well-crafted Coen Brothers Working Title comedy is built around people misreading others. It's a huge nihilistic misinterpretation of the universe: very unexpected, shocking, and lol.-exist

26. The Obvious Child (2014)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (55)

Writer-director Gillian Robespierre created this indie hit drama for talented stand-up comedian Jenny Slate to launch their careers. Slate actually played a version of herself and embraced her character's plight on screen: After she had passionate sex with a man one night, she found out she was pregnant and considered an abortion. Robespierre and Slater set the tone for the film's taboo subjects: truthful, funny, hopeful and romantic. —exist

25. "Oh Brother, Where Are You?" (2000)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (56)

The Coen Brothers' 1930s adaptation of Homer's Odyssey is full of taco humor and catchy Southern roots music about a group of dopey prisoners who escape and are led by pomaded magician Everett McGill. (George Clooney), as they try to win his wife back ("Raising Arizona" star Holly Hunter sings her into submission. T-Bone Burnett's best-selling soundtrack won a Grammy for Album of the Year Awards, while cinematographer Roger Deakins was nominated for an Oscar for his groundbreaking digital change to the palette of the working title film. But as always, the main goal was to help Clooney, Hunter, Tim Blake Nelson, John Turturro and John Goodman earn countless laughs for this twisty parable.-exist

24. "Forty-Year-Old Virgin" (2005)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (57)

Judd Apatow's first feature film, smooth as a bag of sand, remains his best (sorry, "knocked down"). The sweet but raunchy formula it helped popularize has been imitated countless times, but never quite copied, in the more than a decade since its release—Steve Carell's charming innocence with Paul Rudd, Seth The roughness of Rogan and Romany Malco's improvisations creates the perfect balance. Also: Catherine Keener, whose enthusiastic presence makes this more than just a series of off-the-cuff dick jokes.– Manganese

23. "Idiot" (2006)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (58)

With the meteoric rise of conspiracy theorists and science deniers, over time Mike Judge's satire "The Idiot" becomes less of a high-concept comedy and more of a road map to America's potential future . It foreshadows its central conceit - when the most "average" human (Luke Wilson) was sent 500 years into the future in 2005, he ended up being considered the smartest thanks to conglomerates brainwashing the masses People — which keeps "idiot" in the pop culture lexicon (and even started making headlines). But that kind of foreknowledge shouldn't be confused with perfection, because for all the social ills it predicts (ignorant pride, corporate domination), the film also has a tendency to push back. Great satire not only wants to hold up a mirror to society, but also to "comfort the afflicted and torment the easy," and while it strays from the latter, "The Idiot" never ceases to be a comic reflection of America.— lag

22. "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (59)

How far would you go for some shooters? In "Harold and Kumar," a couple of drug addicts who get mouth huts are treated to an odyssey of epic (and hilarious) proportions. Beloved by marijuana enthusiasts and non-participants alike, this unexpected franchise has inspired moviegoers to "say yes" for more than a decade; It could even be said that this cult classic was ahead of the trend. —manganese

21. "I am Bruges" (2008)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (60)

The Irish director brings out the best in fellow countryman Colin Farrell. Writer-director Martin MacDonald made his feature debut (and was nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay) with this anarchic black comedy that gives Pharrell his richest comedic role to date, playing a soulful assassin. Farrell's Ray and his partner Ken (Brendan Gleeson) are violent as they hang out in Toursville, Belgium, causing trouble and mayhem as he seeks a little redemption.-exist

20. "Girl's Journey" (2017)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (61)

There's a lot of star power behind "Girls Trip," including ever-money director Malcolm D. Lee and big names like Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, but there's no denying its biggest Breakthrough: Then-newcomer Tiffany Haddish, who escapes not only the comedy's best lines and physical humor, but also the best performance. Haddish's lightning-quick charisma sets the tone early on, and between a few moments of physical comedy (no one throws in a dynamic co-star the way Haddish does) and shockingly brilliant monotony The vacillation is deftly delivered. Later in the film, Haddish provides perhaps the best example of the use of fruit to simulate sex in contemporary cinema (sorry, "American Pie"), a sequence so bawdy it's worth the price of admission alone.

Those sheer laughs are enough to sustain a comedy so crystalline that it became an instant classic because "Girls Trip" laughs and laughs even at—and often because of—dramatic issues, which doesn't Will be out has a place in the movies of a lifetime. While the film's central ladies shine in all the glory that Essence Fest New Orleans has to offer, including running-ins with many of the key talents in a seemingly endless parade of cameos (Dad walks away with the best, predictably With the support of Haddish's involvement) and at least one ill-conceived, absinthe-fueled adventure, "Girls Trip" keeps the momentum going for the next big comedy. While it all culminates in a heartwarming revelation, that doesn't dilute its more intoxicating emotions; it only makes it clearer why Lee and his ladies should turn "Girls Trip" into a show that produces More raucous holiday franchises.-this

19. Supervillain (2007)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (62)

Michael Cera might not actually be the fastest kid alive, but the funniest movie about teens becoming teens is still a huge success. And it wasn't just McLovin who got it right: Cera and Jonah Hill's bromance was really sweet and a pretty accurate reflection of the way teens behaved at the time. (As someone who was 19 at the time, I'm more qualified to comment on this than I should admit.)– Manganese

18. "Team America: World Police" (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (63)

In preparation for the invasion of Iraq, filmmakers Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote an R-rated puppet film that takes clichés from Jerry Bruckheimer's action films like "End of the World." Clever deconstruction. The plot is simple: When Team America learns that ruthless North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is spreading weapons of mass destruction, it recruits a Broadway actor to join the international police force to help save the world. This politically incorrect comedy about blowing up elaborate Big Ben, the Great Pyramid and the Eiffel Tower and 22-inch dolls that look like outspoken liberals like Janeane Garofalo, Tim Robbins and Michael Moore celebrity. "America: Damn it!"-exist

17. Hot and Wet American Summer (2001)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (64)

It's hard to pick the best jokes from David Wain's cult comedy classic, mostly because this wacky camp show doesn't stop for a moment. From an incredible twist on the effects of montage time, to the prelude to the world's worst (or best?) talent show, to running jokes involving Christopher Meloni's background as the camp's haunted chef , every joke lands. With astonishing comedic precision.

Thanks to Wain and his happy team of collaborators, including Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Ken Marino and Joe Lo Truglio, as well as perennial comedy all-stars like Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Paul Rudd and Amy Poheler Bradley Cooper's utterly unexpected and deeply inspired cast) make this crazy stew work. There's nothing out of place, even something that looks genuinely crazy — a subplot about Garofalo and Pierce's characters spending time tinkering with other people's niche careers will only get more interesting as time goes on," Godspell" jokes are as outrageous as they always are. You don't have to be an ex-camper to appreciate its dazzling jokes, but it can't hurt. Capture the flag, anyone?-this

16. "Tough Ride: The Dewey Cox Story" (2007)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (65)

On the face of it, Jake Kasdan's "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" is a tribute to the Oscar-winning "Ray" and "Walk Hard" A simple parody of the musical biopic genre, it transcends smaller parodies thanks to Brave, and John C.'s performance really does resemble the title character. But the real star of the show here is the wonderful soundtrack that Dan Byrne and Mike Viola (among others) composed for the film, satirizing rock and roll from the days of Salad to today. Songs like "Hard Ride," "Royal Jelly" and "A Beautiful Journey" aren't just ringtones to plug into Johnny Cash's, Bob Dylan's and Glenn Campbell's catalogs respectively, they're also good songs to listen to Get rid of their reference context. In fact, the music in it might make "Walking Hard" sit on the same shelf as the film it parodies, and far more than some: (ahem) "Bohemian Rhapsody" (ahem).— lag

15. "The Lobster" (2015)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (66)

What risk would you take to end up meeting that person? That's what dark-night comedy The Lobster examines: an A24-released tragicomedy about a mysterious facility in which single people who fail to marry are transformed into a different species. Opposite Rachel Weisz, Colin Farrell plays a man who signs up for the show and decides to become a lobster before doubts arise. Yorgos Lanthimos directed the screenplay, which he co-wrote with Efthymis Filippou, and was nominated for this year's Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. It's a harrowing meditation on the traumas and beliefs that keep us from connecting, with Léa Seydoux's rebellious commentary adding an interesting philosophical layer to this unique fable - not for the faint of heart.-of

14. "Hot Blood"

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (67)
Edgar Wright shot to fame with the 2004 zombie flick "Shaun of the Dead," but he proved himself to be an enduring talent with his buddy-cop comedy. Since Keystone Cops, the genre has been built around bumbling, inept law enforcement officers, so Wright's choice on "Hot Fuzz" is excellent: Simon Pegg's officer is very competent. The Londoner, adept at threatening his superiors in the Metropolitan Police (a meta-hierarchy of Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and Bill Nighy), is relegated to a Gloucestershire backwater. Well, since there's a wave of murders in town, Pegg has to motivate his new country copper colleagues (Nick Frost, Olivia Colman, Paddy Considine, and more) to solve the case.

For Yanks seeing "Hot Fuzz" for the first time, the cultural commentary on urban and country life in Britain may come as a surprise, its villagers as armed as any NRA supporter. Post-Brexit is actually predicting "Hot Fuzz". It's all very funny when a smoking cop is charming. It's a film with Iannucci-caliber satire, and it's generous enough to celebrate Bad Boys II and Bay's aesthetic. Shit gets unreal (how good is "Hot Fuzz").—CB

13. "McGruber" (2010)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (68)

Will Forte's "Saturday Night Live" spoof "MacGyver" landed him a spoof movie and even a Peacock spin-off — and it's easy to see why. Forte's ongoing collaboration with writer-director Jorma Taccone along with Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe proves to be the perfect balance of wide-eyed, heartfelt slapstick humor and mystery. "It's probably one of the worst pitches I've ever had," joked Ford during his 2020 SXSW presentation, parodying "SNL" host Lorne Michaels' first pitch. "I think it's kind of like, 'MacGruber spreads bombs with nothing but feces and pubic hair.'" I just let out the worst the fact that we're sitting here is pretty remarkable. "—someone

12. Mean Girls (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (69)

Looking back 17 years after "Mean Girls," writer Tina Fey and director Mark Waters have unearthed more talent than can be counted. Lindsey Lohan is already teenage royal, but the film has Rachel McAdams, Amana Seyfried and Liz Carr Lizzy Caplan is famous. Not only do these new faces have great comedic skills (Seyfried's goofy empty lines make her a hit, and who can forget Karen Smith's weather forecast?), they work hard to break the stereotypes of mainstream genre characters, the ones we play. Caplan's Janice Ian and Daniel Franzese's Damian are hoop outsiders and gay best friends, respectively, but the performances there take the traditional comedic leanings of teen comedy and inject them with The real vulnerability of growing up on the high school battlefield.

Tina Fey's "Mean Girls" script is effortlessly funny, but the reason the movie is truly timeless has more to do with the cast's absurd high school orgies (Kälteen Bars, anyone?) and instant classics One-liners about the ability to find notes of human grace (“so cool”). It's a high school comedy with broad humor and specific insights into teenage angst that will stand the test of time.-Z'S

11. "Four Lions" (2010)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (70)

Chris Morris' directorial debut, Four Lions, is a jihadist satire full of religious and social commentary, unbelievable performances, and comedy so dark it should come with a flashlight (for Morris in "This Day" and "Brass Eye"). Co-written by Morris with Sam Bain ("Diorama") and Jesse Armstrong ("Succession"), "Four Lions" revolves around a group of fanatical terrorists calling themselves "Islamic State" in Sheffield, England. Slee". The secret ingredient of the film's cheerful (and sometimes rather expansive) comedic beats is performances at the center by Riz Ahmed, Kayvan Novak, and Nigel Lindsay, who always It's the humor that comes from the heart. It's the believability of these relationships that makes this one of the rare movies that can make you laugh and cry.— lag

10. "Pixie" (2003)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (71)

The early '80s were as much a celebration of creepiness in comedy as the '80s, so one of this new century's best laughers should be not only family-friendly, but oh so cute. Or as Will Ferrell's Buddy, a man who climbed into Santa's bag as a child and grew up as an elf at the North Pole, might say: it's as sweet as "a whole roll of Tollbooth cookie dough"! Buddy leaves the North Pole in what appears to be a Rankin-Bass stop-motion special brought to life, to find his father (James Caan) in New York, who's high on Santa's naughty list.

The result is a dehydrated comedy that shimmers like tinsel. It's as riveting as the best comedies—"You sit on the throne of lies," Buddy tells a department store Santa he knows is a liar—but its story structure is such an emotional epic Such a journey (not to mention world-building), you can see how its director Jon Favreau will setdirectThe blockbuster behind him.—CB

9. The Death of Stalin (2017)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (72)

Armando Iannucci's first adaptation brings the kitschy bureaucratic satire of "Veep" and "In the Loop" to the Soviet Union, with all the delightful and ugly twists you can imagine. Adapted from the screenplay by Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin's graphic novel, the film unfolds against the backdrop of the turmoil of 1953, when Stalin's sudden death sparked a ridiculous power struggle between fearsome and vengeful politicians, They stayed to clean up the government (and persecution) he left behind. Steve Buscemi leads a phenomenal (non-accented) cast who relish the opportunity to toss Iannucci's pugnacious dialogue and vulgar outbursts in a delightfully self-destructive spiral .

However, Iannucci never laments the character of the villain he plays. If anything, the bleak ending provides a compelling reminder that even the loveliest leads are more than punchlines when real life is on the line. Still, despite the film's remarkable period detail, "The Death of Stalin" has more in common with the Marx Brothers than anything else in its period: it's "duck soup" with dictators. —I

8. "Come With Polly" (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (73)

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller headline this 2004 grossly underrated romantic comedy from writer/director John Burger. When a jittery insurance adjuster (who just found out he was about to be scammed)periodtheir honeymoon) meets a free-spirited caterer, and the unlikely duo embarks on a difficult but easy-to-find dating journey that is as funny as it is sincere and sweet. The bubbling chemistry between Polly Prince and Reuben Feffer, and "Along Came Polly" backs up the intoxicating awkwardness of this rich, funny and unusual world. Claude, dive master! Reuben's weird parents! Rudolph the (blind) ferret! Not to mention the late Philip Seymour Hoffman's haunting performance as Ruben's best friend Sandy Lyle: one of the funniest roles the actor has ever had.

"Polly All the Way" wasn't a huge hit when it was released, and the film was divisive among typical rom-com lovers for its crude humor. Still, to bring this complex and original comedy to a minimum (admittedly, the basketball scenescary) is a sea of ​​nostalgia for its medieval splendor and charm. Instead, appreciate it for what it is — an out-of-the-box romance that has us Ben Stiller dancing salsa and Jennifer Aniston playing an even happier Rachel The Rachel Greene type, now with a new kind of cool — to be truly happy. Be happy like a hippopotamus.-of

7. The Host: Legends of Burgundy (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (74)

"The Host: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" is one of the most iconic comedies of the 2000s, only getting wiser with age. Will Ferrell's cartoonish hilarity has always been irresistible to teens, but Adam McKay's script and the cast's all-star improv skills give "The Host" much more inside than it appears many. The film's satire strips away the corporate misogyny while creating characters who are still likable, as the goofy energy never falters. Stupid energy is contagious. Ferrell and co-stars Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and David Kirchner have had comedic chemistry over the years, as their characters' personalities intertwine for hilarious segment after segment .

There's an "anchor" (e.g., a wild pool party) where the jokes go by a mile a minute and don't stop for a second, and some scenes that are so crazy (panda pregnant) that it's hard not to be weird The madness of McKay and his team committing to it all so bluntly. That's what makes "The Host" a great comedy: the commitment of the crew to tone.-Z'S

6. "Force Majeure" (2013)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (75)

In a decade of propelling white male insecurities into the public eye, Ruben Östlund's wickedly hilarious look at masculinity in crisis has naturally become the definitive comedy of our time one. Beginning with the film's famously incendiary event - a father named Thomas (Johannes Ba Kunke) instinctively abandons his wife Ebba during a false-alarm avalanche at a ski resort (Lisa Lovin Kongsley) and their two kids -- the comfortable life of the upper-middle-class family turned over forever. Österlund's shrewd choreography and grisly scenes nested in uncharacteristically long Kubrick takes herald a great cinematic storyteller who wasn't afraid to dig his characters so deep into the hole, so that they have no choice but to try to dig the hole themselves. Each scene in this film reveals more and more the disturbing truth that Thomas' response is not just an isolated primitive act, but something even more primitive and perverse. The result is a wicked buffet of cringe-worthy humor, but one built on a dark reservoir of genuine empathy. Ostlund takes seriously the escalating trap the family finds itself in, and it's the way Ebba is forced to rebalance the gender equation that makes "Force Majeure" the deepest, most unflinching take on masculinity in nearly a decade. One of the tests. —carbon monoxide

5. Bridesmaids(2011)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (76)

What a treat:the girlsIt can also be rude. Early reviews of Paul Feig's box-office hit focused on the film's raunchy and sordid nature, using terms like "rude and raw," "very hip" and "not afraid to mix women with potty humor" to describe the movie Apparent depravity in all its degrees. But while "Bridesmaids" unleashes some blatant shit humor (from women! All! OMG!) on the mostly unsuspecting masses, it also doesn't shy away from something messier and funnier: real human emotions.

While the movie's biggest punchlines -- yes, very funny ones -- certainly come from scenes involving bathroom accidents and a particularly grisly incident involving a chocolate fountain, Feig's film is also poignantly honest about love Snippets of, perhaps most satisfyingly, female friendship. Kristen Wiig's Anne suffers endless small tragedies and minor insults throughout the film (the least of which involve toilets or fountains), many of which are caused by Rose Byrne's Helen, Helen's determination to leave with Anne's best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and even more people fall into the hands of the mostly well-meaning Lillian, who doesn't realize she's hurting her already hurt friend how big.

may not sound likepleasure, but it's better: it's true, and a lot of comedy is rooted in digging for authenticity and honesty, and still finding something ridiculous in the process. The Bridesmaids team makes it look easy.-this

4. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (77)

This sharp action comedy introduces a winning duo: sparring buddies Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and style guru Edgar Wright, who developed the script with Pegg. He plays a sad sack who turns out to be braver and better at killing the walking dead than he ever imagined. He got the girl. More Working Title collaborations followed, but the first was the glamour: a combination of witty British romance and zombie orgy, and hilarity ensued.-exist

3. "Best of Show" (2000)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (78)

It won't make it to 11, but Christopher Guest's account of the bark show is still the best mockumentary ever made, aside from Stonehenge-obsessed rock bands. A similar "mascot" is funny enough, but mostly serves to remind viewers what a remarkable achievement "best in show" is - bordering on comicalandandexistThese characters may have been around when Guest made us like his ensemble, even when he laughed at them, but at least we never stopped rooting for the dogs. 12/10 will see.– Manganese

2. Borat (2006)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (79)

If "Bruno" and "The Dictator" have taught us anything, it's that "Borat" really is lightning in a bottle. How many people Sacha Baron Cohen's long-form social experiment nearly pissed off certainly pleased the intrepid provocateur (although Pamela Anderson seemed amused by the whole experience. Puzzled). Plus, when was the last time a comedy was hailed for a comeback as hilarious as "...not!", let alone boosting tourism in Kazakhstan?– Manganese

1. "Tony Erdmann" (2016)

The 80 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, From 'The Neighbors' and 'Frances Ha' to 'Forever Fools' and 'Borat' (80)

The moment Toni Erdmann makes his first appearance is one of the most hilarious entrance moments of all time. Peter Simonischek stars as the protagonist, who is really just the comical alter ego of a 70-year-old man who hopes to reconnect with his adult daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller). As a workaholic, she lives an empty life, and what better way to inject fun into her life than to dress up as someone else making fun of her? It's literally a scheme based on "forced fun," but that's not to say it doesn't work. Ines is one of a number of German executives committed to outsourcing key operations of the company to Romania, the Eastern European country where most of Malin Ader's films are shot.

For a film this lighthearted, it has a lot to say about globalization and its discontent. Ines exemplifies a white-collar mentality where everything has become so "frictionless," in business terms, that her massages—too soft, she thinks—are also pointless. Ader brings a 21st century capitalist comedy, a worthy successor to "The Apartment" and "Playtime", that shows that humor is the lifeblood, the key ingredient in facing life and getting through each day. "Toni Erdmann" isn't just filled with all-time raucous laughter. This is a movie about why we need laughter. That makes it not only the best comedy of the 21st century, but the most 21st century comedy.—CB


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